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Data enables business stakeholders to make the right decisions at the right time. SG Analytics Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Visualization services focus on aiding organizations to profit from accurate data and derive actionable insights; forging BI solutions at the ready to accelerate business planning, analysis, and reporting.


As one of the notable business intelligence companies, SG Analytics expertise on cloud-based technologies and traditional ETL technologies provides radiant data visualization that will help you to rapidly integrate data from different sources and develop monitoring systems to uncover and decipher underlying patterns, relationships, trends and anomalies from your internal data assets; often in combination with external data sources to refine your business intelligence strategy and performance.

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Data – Collection, Quality and Management

As one of the well-known data visualization companies, we provide

Data collection, quality and management | SG Analytics
  • Efficient data collection and extraction: Data extraction services are exceedingly useful for retrieving data, further processing or storage from a range of different mediums; is usually very time consuming and can result in a large number of errors if not completed effectively. Our data visualization services deliver information from a wide range of sources within short turnaround time, data coming from external and internal sources, consumer panels, and social media platforms with automated pipelines.
  • Data Quality: High-quality data is critical to the efficiency of business operations and an organization of any size can use data quality services to improve the information value of its data, making the data more suitable for its intended use. Our unique domain and data governance expertise ensure the availability of high-quality data with its Data Quality management services and help to create, maintain, and execute their organization's data quality operations with minimal setup or preparation time.
  • Data Management: SG Analytics uses agile methodology to onboard new data sources quickly and manages large data warehouses to have consistent data for market research and data visualization. Our services enable organizations with mature data management for downstream business intelligence and analytics with robust data integration, data quality, master data management, and support for traditional and big data environments.
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Managed Reporting Services

Managed reporting services | SG Analytics
  • Our teams bring strong BI technology expertise, in addition to valuable experience across enterprise data management, solution, and industry domains. Our business intelligence expertise and experience are on the following platforms Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik Sense, QlikView, MicroStrategy, SAP Business Objects, etc.
  • Our robust processes ensure process efficiency and standardization of reporting to accelerate business intelligence solutions across the organization.
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Dashboards and Visualization

Dashboards and visualization services | SG Analytics
  • Dashboard Development: Designs and develops actionable and insightful dashboards with contemporary UX design.
  • Data visualization: The dashboards help users make key decisions and measure performance using KPIs, we work closely with the business to identify the right KPIs.
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Mobile Application

Mobile application services | SG Analytics
  • We create comprehensive Mobile Applications to enable the users on the go to perform their business tasks effectively and collaborate with other stakeholders.
  • Establish mobile business systems that generate returns.
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Ad-hoc Analytics Platform/Self Serve Platform

Data stewardship support | SG Analytics
  • We enable the analysts and business users by building platforms and web portals which can be used by them to perform analysis and pull granular data from large data sets all by themselves

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