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The Ultimate Guide: Tips to Choose a Top Marketing Analytics Company

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Published on Mar 15, 2023

Today's data-based marketing campaigns are backed by insights that help outline the steps for success, making them more efficient and effective. However, creating a strong data marketing strategy is easier said than done. Whether combining internal and third-party data, integrating predictive analytics into the data to design a strategy, or examining the marketing campaign data - it demands a keen eye. It's easy to identify why marketing professionals are turning to market analytics companies to develop their strategies.   

What is Marketing Analytics? 

Marketing analytics assists businesses in leveraging predictive modeling along with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to understand consumer data and identify patterns to predict future consumer behavior. It enables businesses to optimize the return on their investment of a marketing campaign. Analytics enables brands to make sense of the vast ocean of data, which encircles conversion and clickthrough rates along with consumer demographics and online activity. By regularly tracking and reporting consumer data, marketing professionals assist businesses in making decisive conclusions about the impact of their marketing activities and what to do next. 

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Marketing Analytics: Key Significance 

Marketing analytics benefits not only marketers but also consumers. It enables marketers to gain higher ROI on marketing investments by understanding the components successfully driving conversions and brand awareness. Analytics also ensures that consumers see more targeted and personalized ads that cater to their needs and interests. Marketing data can be analyzed using different methods and models based on measured KPIs. Brand awareness analysis relies upon different data and models than conversions.  

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Some of the significant analytics models and methods used by marketers are as follows: 

  • Media Mix Models (MMM): This attribution model helps in identifying aggregate data over a long period. 

  • Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA): The MTA attribution models provide person-level data from the buyer's journey. 

  • Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM): UMM is a form of measurement that incorporates various attribution models, including MMM and MTA, into comprehensive engagement metrics. 

How Does Marketing Analytics Help a Business?  

The world of marketing analytics employs maths, predictive modeling, and machine learning to uncover insights from consumer data. This helps in gaining a greater understanding of the consumer's mind and user behavior. Marketing analytics data assists businesses in making decisions on every component, from ad spending to product updates, branding, and more. It helps them to gain a 360-degree view of their campaigns, thus enabling them to make the right decisions. 

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  • It offers answers to vital questions about marketing spending as well as campaign performance 

  • The insights derived from big data assist business leaders in making efficient decisions. 

  • With predictive insights, the data helps brands in creating effective product and marketing strategies along with tweaking these strategies based on results. 

  • Companies and marketers no longer have to guess consumer behavior patterns. The accumulated data offers insights into everything, enabling the brand to interact with customers and create excellent customer experiences, thus fostering meaningful relationships. 


The Role of Marketing Analytics Company in Data Marketing 

Marketing analytics is a growing field, with more marketers pivoting to data to give a competitive advantage to their marketing campaigns; the practice significantly assists businesses. Marketing Analytics is all about following a roadmap. The value of marketing analytics does diminish the fact that it mandates an intensive data analysis that can often be difficult for marketing professionals to complete independently. It is, therefore, vital to choose the most useful metrics that involve collecting the data and interpreting actionable insights from that raw data. However, it is a challenge for even the most seasoned professionals. 

This is where a marketing analytics company comes into the picture. It is a team of experts who assist organizations in determining the exact areas where marketing campaigns can help in enhancing data insights, collecting the required metrics, and creating a comprehensive marketing strategy. A marketing analytics company assists you in structuring and developing a strong data-driven strategy. 

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How to Choose Between Top Marketing Analytics Firms? 

Today data analytics is rising in popularity due to the singing popularity of marketing professionals supporting the wave of marketing analytics. And with companies emerging to facilitate marketing analytics services, selecting the right marketing partner for your brand requirements is important.  

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It is crucial to choose a reputable analytics company that understands data and analysis. The firm should provide you with assured analysis. Beyond that, many businesses can require a full suite of marketing services, while others may need a supplement to their current in-house efforts. It is, therefore, essential that the firm you choose provides the services you need. There are a few actions that need to be undertaken when choosing the right marketing analytics partner: 

  1. Inquire about services offered

As a baseline, it is important to ensure that the firm offers the required services. Beyond that, it is equally vital to identify the services offered— to understand if they are a-la-carte offerings or pre-outlined packages, or collaborative with a final product delivered at the end of the campaign. 

  1. Traversing the company's portfolio 

You should study the company's portfolio to identify the existing set of firms they are working with or have worked with in the past. Don't forget to check their successful past campaigns similar to the effort you want to compete with them. 

  1. Client testimonials 

Studying the client testimonials of the selected marketing analytics partner is important as it helps characterize their past clients noted in these testimonials. 

  1. Company's value propositions 

Data marketing offers interesting ethical challenges. It is, therefore, important that the analytics company's values align with your business ethically. Pay attention to statements encircling data collection as well as the suppression of other data points. 

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Final Thoughts 

Many brands and marketing agencies today are turning to data-driven marketing solution providers that offer them a competitive edge. Partnering with a marketing analytics company helps drastically enhance marketing efforts while adding efficiency and accuracy to advertising campaigns. The right marketing analytics company will offer a variety of data-driven services, such as: 

  • Targeted data solutions include customer data enhancement and data hygiene and processing. 

  • Prospect acquisition and loyalty email services which incorporates prospect email marketing and campaigns. 

  • Data analytics and insight that provides solutions for customer profiling, predictive analytics, and modeling. 

  • Digital marketing services for targeted social media advertising and campaign optimization. 

  • Custom database solutions, along with database development and management.  

Finding the right marketing analytics solution provider is key to designing a successful marketing program. Before you partner with any marketing analytics company, it is therefore important to understand the services offered as well as the top tips for choosing the right marketing partner. By identifying and understanding where the audience is engaging and what is driving sales, as a business, you can make sure that you are putting your money in the right place and improving ROI.  

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