Optimize messaging in PAIN drug market

Weeks project life span.
Analysts involved.
Target geography.


US-based leading pharmaceutical company which focuses on developing medicinal drugs and innovative diagnostics and publication of various medical reference books for physicians and technicians.


The client's call planning team had come up with the list of optimal details that had to be given to all the prescribers in PAIN market for the upcoming quarter. The client wanted to understand which message categories are preferred by prescribers and the number of times these messages should be shown to a prescriber keeping in mind their overall optimal details.


After a detailed understanding of the client’s challenges, SG Analytics provided the following comprehensive solution to help target the physicians better:
  • SG Analytics considered all the writers in the PAIN market who had been detailed at least once in the current quarter. Based on the optimal number of details and actual details given to the healthcare professionals in the current quarter, the team grouped the prescribers into relevant buckets.
  • We segmented the optimally detailed prescribers based on the prescription change from previous quarter to current quarter.
  • For all the high-positive change, optimally detailed prescribers, SG Analytics calculated actual details given for each message category in the current quarter.
  • Using the optimal details range calculated for each category and the optimal details mentioned by the call planning team’s report, we assigned the optimal details by category to each prescriber.


Better insight into the number of messages shown to the market writers in the PAIN market.
Recommended the product planning teams to target prescribers using similar messages as given to the representatives.

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