Competitive analysis for potential collaboration partner in Middle east for neutraceutical market


UK based global pharmaceutical company

Business situation

Gain in-depth understanding of the Nutraceutical market in the Middle East (ME) region in order to expand its portfolio and strengthen market presence through collaborations

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Provided in depth market and competitive landscape of neutraceutical market in Middle East region
  • SGA’s provided insights on potential partner companies in the targeted geography and delivered a targeted list of in-licensing candidates which helped the client to pursue to realize their market strategy


Understand the neutraceutical market in ME and assist client to expand their portfolio and market presence through collaborations

SGA approach

  • Conducted in depth secondary research and built a detailed market and competitive landscape along with regulatory landscape, drivers and barriers
  • Identified the list of potential target companies
  • Piloted interviews of company executives which helped to understand the market outlook, demand – supply and licensing position for the ME market
  • Analysed the collected inputs from secondary research and executives interview which helped to identify the best fit and suitable partner for collaboration
  • Delivered the key trends by product category , collaboration scenario and partner attractiveness analysis