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Consumer sentiment analysis to drive product innovation in Europe


Leading brand in the personal care segment

Business situation

Understand the consumer buying behavior, habits and trends to develop a viable product

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

Detailed customer analysis was provided to the client’s R&D team with holistic and accurate information enabling them to:
  • Understand the trends of new product formats with popular ingredients like Argan oil, tea tree oil
  • Concerns and solutions trending over a period of time
  • 360 degree view of men’s cosmetics buying behavior and preferences


Consumer behavior analysis through social listening for men’s grooming market in the ASEAN market

SGA approach

1. Data collection and cleaning
  • Use keyword search method to create corpus of relevant conversations
  • Finalize keyword list in consultation with client
  • Data cleaning and extraction using a SMA tool

2. Text analytics and SMA
  • Run SG Analytics’ in-house algorithms for text analytics including Sentiment, Emotion, Topic, Word and Network Analysis
  • Identify dominant themes and stories

3. Analysis and reporting
  • Analyze data and arrive at findings
  • Secondary research on social media
  • Create a framework and report key findings