Case study

How We Created Impact for a Canadian Retailer by Building Insightful Dashboards for 360-degrees View of their Retail Stores

Dashboards for 360-degrees View of their Retail Stores


  • We built a store performance dashboard that was consumed by store managers to keep a check on the performance of the store in a particular region​
  • We identified the racks in store that were under performing and best performing to plan inventory and category of products needed in the stores​


  • SGA created a data pipeline using an SQL script and modeled the data to automate data for dashboards and analysis​
  • We identified key KPIs for story-boarding in a dashboard to showcase store performance​
  • Dashboard was designed to track the store performance and compare with top-performing stores of the region​
  • After identification of performance, SGA enabled the client with rack analysis to increase sales and prepare stores with inventory in case of seasonal demands for any sections



The client is a US-based financial technology and financial services company that specializes in micro-investing and Robo-investing​


  • Our automated dashboards enabled our client’s store managers make decisions using the insights generated from the data​
  • With our detailed analysis, our client can now plan inventory for each individual stores. This also helped them to improve store key KPIs, sales, revenue, and margins​



  • SGA’s solution empowered their stores with current positions and gave competitive targets with top performers​
  • Our intuitive dashboards helped them to prepare for the incoming demands and understand which category of clothes are sold more in a particular region​

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