Case study

ESG Management Reporting for One of the Largest Corporate Brands

Wind energy


One of the largest corporate brands with a global operational footprint.

Business Situation

The client wanted to enhance the quality of their ESG reporting by ensuring that their self-disclosure channels best reflect their efforts and progress in the reporting year. The objective of the research was to ensure that the client gets a clear overview of the gaps in their reporting with respect to globally accepted frameworks and sector-specific material issues.


In-depth analysis of the company’s ESG/sustainability reporting to identify gaps and solutions.

SGA Approach

  • As-is analysis of previous financial year’s report to identify gaps in reporting.
  • Gap analysis of the company’s disclosure quality with respect to presently adopted as well as globally accepted reporting frameworks.
  • Peer reviewed to assess quality and alignment of sector-wide reporting processes.
  • Indexed the company’s performance in the gap assessment to weighted scores.
  • Prepared structured insights from the gap assessment to help improve on data and statement framing and representation.
  • Indicator-specific performance commentary with respect to currently adhered reporting and compliance frameworks.
  • Assessed the client’s multiple public disclosures to ensure consistency and clarity in reporting.
  • Identified stakeholder requirements for the sector and inculcated the same in the company’s reporting.
  • Recommended opportunities for improvement in upcoming reporting cycles.

Benefits and Outcomes of Our Engagement

  • Enhanced disclosure quality across guidelines, reporting frameworks, and compliance requirements.
  • Peer group review provided information on current trends and market requirements.
  • Identified upcoming and leading materiality topics in the sector and the company’s preparedness for its reporting.

Key Takeaways

  • Analysis of gaps in ESG disclosures.
  • Review of performance of peers on key material indicators.
  • Structured insights to address shortfalls in reporting on key global reporting frameworks.
  • Preparedness in reporting to help address present and upcoming compliance requirements.

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