ETL mechanism for risk-analysis feeder files

Institutional investors or third party information providers


One of the top global fund and ETF data providers.


The client management team for the fund provider required a solution for providing periodic data-centric Request for Proposals (RfPs) for institutional investors. A few clients required customized feeder files for a risk-analyses mechanism with a short turnaround time after closure of the monthly books.


SG Analytics offshore team, comprising of fund reporting experts and technology specialists, discussed existing data structures and mechanisms with internal teams and the client management team of the fund provider. After reviewing the existing database management system:
  • SG Analytics team designed customizable workflows for each RfP and feeder file. These work-flows comprised of basic Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) steps such as data extraction, transformation, clean-up and then loading for each requirement.
  • SG Analytics execution team processed the existing data requirements using the setup systems while reporting experts and technology specialists handled the ETL customization.
  • In case of new RfP or feeder files, SG Analytics onboarding team designed the ETL mechanism such that the customization on the inclusion of new fund products or data parameters can be seamlessly managed without any hassles.


Ensured distribution of accurate information to institutional investors and family offices.
Ensured timely delivery of the feeder files for risk-analysis mechanisms of the clients.
Improved data representation on third party information providers.