Investor presentation for an online real estate startup


US-based boutique investment bank serving clients in the real estate and industrial sectors

Business situation

  • Our client was looking to raise $50 million for a US-based online real estate startup that connects buyers, sellers, wholesalers, lenders, and asset managers
  • The client was looking to increase its brand awareness among real estate wholesalers and investors in the growing online real estate space
  • Proceeds were to be used for business expansion including new technology infrastructure and geographic expansion

SGA support

  • Prepared a 60-page investor deck covering USD1.5 trillion US residential real estate market, competitive advantage over existing platforms, REI community key relationships and challenges, opportunities, service offerings and their KPIs, business model, market entry strategy, and financial analysis
  • Screened for strategic and financial sponsors and compiled a list of their previous transactions or any previous announcement hinting at a potential purchase
  • Created a detailed financial model to forecast the outlook of the company