Analytics and Research in Latin American mobile banking segment

Major competitors’ strategies analyzed.


An established banking and financial services provider in Latin America.


The client wanted to explore the mobile banking segment in Latin America. SG Analytics was selected to provide analytics support for sales and online marketing as well as analyzing pricing margins in the mobile banking segment.


After gaining an in-depth understanding of the client’s problem set, SG Analytics employed a team of interdisciplinary experts to provide business advisory based on complementary market research and data analytics, including data cleansing and management of large data sets.

Primary Research

SG Analytics conducted marketplace discussions with 35 respondents including regional sector experts, sales managers, financial managers, and mobile app developers to gain insights and develop an understanding of the market dynamics with respect to the following key drivers:
  • Digitization strategies.
  • Customer segments.
  • Margin setup and pricing.
  • Sales and marketing strategies.

Secondary Research

SG Analytics assessed 10 major players of this market and conducted exhaustive desk research to find the information shared in various reports, press releases, and other sources of data to fill data gaps.

Data Analytics

SG Analytics data scientists cleansed and processed large volumes of transactional and consumer data to develop data models for postulating the pricing structure and conducted a sensitivity analysis across the target geography.


Based on insights from the interviews, secondary research, and data analysis, SG Analytics generated insights into the consumer trends, competitive landscape, optimization of pricing and margins, and effective online sales and marketing strategies


The final delivery report included information on pricing and margin optimization, and competitive landscape and strategy.
The client implemented the results to devise key sales and marketing strategies, as well as optimize its pricing models.