Go-to-market strategy for car service center

CATI interviews.
Competitors’ strategies analyzed.


A renowned real estate advisory company based in Saudi Arabia, offering plan development services for commercial and residential centers.


The client partnered with SG Analytics to conduct market research and devise the go-to-market strategy for setting up a car service center on Madinah Highway in Saudi Arabia.


Based on a granular understanding of the client’s requirements and KPIs, SG Analytics’ business consultants designed a customized research map. The consultants conducted a thorough analysis of secondary and primary research findings to answer key client questions with respect to market size, competition, regulatory environment, entry challenges, effect of macroeconomic factors, setup and maintenance costs, etc.
  • SG Analytics’ primary research analysts conducted marketplace discussions (CATI) with 30 key real estate brokers, developers, builders and decision makers across the value chain in the geography to develop an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, competitive landscape and market size.
  • A team of experienced secondary research analysts assessed five major players of this market and conducted exhaustive desk research to gather relevant information from various reports, press releases and other sources to fill data gaps.
  • Based on insights from the interviews and secondary research, SG Analytics devised a strategy for the client with respect to setup and maintenance costs, drivers and barriers for the location, regulatory practices, impact of macroeconomic factors and competitors’ business model.


SG Analytics delivered a strategic assessment to the client, which included key knowledge of the competitors’ business strategy.
The client implemented the results to devise a successful market entry strategy.