Sales strategy for electronic payment service provider

Marketplace discussions.
Survey respondents.
Major competitors analyzed.


An electronic payment service provider and e-commerce company based in Saudi Arabia.


The client wanted to gain insights into consumer trends and brand perception in the operating geography to assess its present state in the market and devise new sales and marketing strategies.


SG Analytics conducted primary and secondary research, and analyzed its findings to answer key client questions with respect to market dynamics, consumer preferences, brand perception, competitive landscape and service portfolio.

SG Analytics conducted a consumer survey among 1000–1200 respondents and a marketplace discussion with 120 sector experts, including financial service providers, app developers, and software integrators to develop an understanding of strategic key factors, such as:
  • Market share and dynamics.
  • Market trends.
  • Consumer review.
  • Trends and expectation.
  • Demographic and age-wise segmentation.
  • Competitive strategy of major players.

Supplementary, SG Analytics’ secondary research analysts assessed seven major market players and conducted exhaustive desk research to find the information shared in various reports, press releases and other sources of data to fill potential data gaps.

Based on insights from the interviews and secondary research, SG Analytics’ business analysts provided the client with insights into consumer trends and expectation, existing service portfolio, competitive landscape, and granular consumer segmentation.


The final report highlighted relevant key pointers on consumer preferences, consumer expectations, and perception of the client’s brand.
The client implemented the results to gain important insights into the consumer landscape across the geography.