Technology Scouting in water conserving cleansing

Secondary research analysts.
Primary Research Analysts.
Best in class technologies shortlisted.


A Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer with global revenue of USD 12 billion & global strength of 60,000 employees


The client wanted to understand the upcoming waterless/waterfree and water conserving cleansing technologies which could replace futuristic consumer appliances and provide sustainable waterless cleansing solutions in the consumer appliances. The client engaged SG Analytics to conduct a technology scouting, identify interesting opportunities, and assess potential market penetration scenarios.


SG Analytics performed a critical assessment of the technologies through extensive secondary research followed by primary research & validation, and presented the following information in a structured report:
  • A comprehensive list of potential technologies.
  • Relevant technology trends.
  • Competitive landscape – players in the domain and their capabilities.
  • Analysis of company, technology, and potential application.
  • Final output - Best in class technologies of interest for the client.
  • Assessment of the market penetration timeline for each technology.


SG Analytics' detailed technology due diligence analysis provided to client’s R&D team with a holistic view of probable technologies in waterless/waterfree and water conserving cleansing.
The report identified 3 best in class technologies which were suggested for further exploration for investment and development.
The report also contained an assessment of market the penetration timeline of such technologies and their probable impact on the market.