Trend analysis & opportunity assessment for precision medicine & orphan drugs


Leading health science M&A company,US

Business situation

Evaluate and analyze the current scenario and future development scope for Precision medicine and Orphan drug which would provide insights to client regarding the markets trends

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Provided insights on change in drug market, from volume based medicine concept to the value based medicine
  • SGA’s opportunity insights helped to uncover the forthcoming promising future in the field of precision medicine and trends in orphan drugs


Assess the positioning and trends for the development and future scope of Precision/ medicine and Orphan drugs in US through secondary based research

SGA approach

  • Conducted in depth secondary research focusing on development track for targeted area (Precision medicine and Orphan drugs)
  • Identified the government initiatives and support for the development of these drugs
  • Provided a development trend for orphan drugs from
  • Identified the regulatory acts and economic impact in comparison with the traditional medicine and blockbuster opportunities
  • Identified and provided the addressable market/ untapped opportunities in the development for the precision medicine and orphan drugs