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Helping towards poverty eradication in India

Nearly 10 crore people in India live in slums. A majority of these people
comprise economic migrants from poor rural areas who come to cities in
search of shelter and livelihood. In the city of Ahmedabad 3.6 lac people out of the total population of 18 lac live in slum areas.

Numerous social and economic reasons have led to people living their lives in the slums where they are deprived of affordable and quality education and basic healthcare facilities.

Panchshil Foundation Trust aids these underprivileged individuals in
Ahmedabad by providing primary education, and making basic healthcare
facilities accessible to them, against a token payment.

SG Analytics is proud to support the Panchshil Foundation Trust by enabling their humanitarian activities comprising providing basic necessities to the poverty-struck population of Ahmedabad living in the slum pockets.

SGA is proud to have contributed to a cause that empowers the less-fortunate and strives to improve their lives by helping them understand the importance of proper education and healthcare. This will eventually help them grow out of their despair misery and lead them to a fulfilling & happy life.

Panchshil Foundation Trust has been executing salutary campaigns since 2013. Some of the laudable work done by the NGO are – establishing a clinic for the underprivileged, conducting clothes, toys and utensils distribution drives and saving birds from the summer heat.

SG Analytics takes pride in making a contribution towards the upliftment of the society, and taking a step towards eradicating poverty from the country.