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Data-Driven Marketing Analytics Services

Most marketers believe that data is the most underutilized asset of the organization. Data-driven marketing analytics can reveal, measure and predict the key drivers of growth for a brand. SG Analytics’ competence in market research coupled with data analytics in marketing equips brands with an effective marketing solution suite. Our suite of marketing analytics services offers a blend of social media monitoring, customer data-driven analytics and multi-channel attribution modelling that presents quantifiable platform-specific growth opportunities for brands.

Why SGA ?


Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing spends are one of the largest cost components for a brand. ROI maximization is dependent on two factors – Incremental revenue through effective marketing activations and reduced cost of marketing efforts through rationalizing low impact activations. As one of the esteemed marketing analytics companies, we provide

Marketing effectiveness | SG Analytics
  • Marketing Mix ROI Model: Cause-effect models based on historical data of ATL and BTL marketing activations and spends. Simulate futuristic ROI based on TV versus Digital media spends, In-store versus E-commerce activations.
  • Market Segmentation: Devise personalized customer experience through targeted marketing for relevant customer segments
  • Campaign Effectiveness Model: Identify and quantify the impact of individual marketing campaigns, both TV and digital campaigns, by analyzing the voice of the customer across media platforms.
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Social Media Listening and Monitoring

Listening to the voice of current and prospective customers on social media platforms is imperative to a brand’s continued success. However, this voice is haphazardly dispersed across platforms and is heavily characterized by implied connotations, contextual variations, and linguistic nuances. Sieving through this clutter of customer voices is made possible through advanced analytical techniques like NLP (Natural language processing)

Social media listening and monitoring | SG Analytics
  • Web-scrape social media data: SGA’s web-crawlers and machine learning algorithms can regularly extract customer reviews and feedback across social media websites and product review websites.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Monitor customer satisfaction score, likes or dislikes, engagement and more through dissecting qualitative feedback on blogs, review websites, social media handles for your brands versus competition.
  • Digital media effectiveness: Use data science techniques like matched market tests to pilot test the effectiveness of any digital campaign. Measure the impact of the campaign in terms of social media metrics like overall buzz, likes and product ratings.
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Multi-channel Attribution and Modeling

Mapping the marketing campaign effectiveness to customer acquisition rate is a challenge for most brands today. Our customer analytics services provide a single lens view of a customer’s path to purchase from digital campaigns and enable brands to act upon customer conversion at the right touchpoint of the customer’s purchase decision funnel.

Multi-channel attribution and modeling | SG Analytics
  • Path to purchase model: Build customer journey analytics models that identify and convert site visitors into paid customers, through targeted customer marketing and personalized campaigns.
  • Online-Offline Conversion modeling: Integrate data of marketing campaigns on online media channels with offline (brick-and-mortar) store-level data through data engineering capability deployment.
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