Sales Analytics Services

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Sales Analytics Solutions

Best products and services impact the consumers to a greater extent and drive the business on both levels – customer satisfaction and driving relationship. Our marketing and sales analytics solutions can enable you to derive strategies to enhance the performance of your sales team. Our key sales analytics services include sales territory optimization, sales performance analysis and sales forecasting, but it’s not the limit to hold-off.

Sales Data Analytics

Today, sales analytics has become imperative for organizations to develop short-term and long-term strategies to meet objectives and revenue targets. As one of the eminent sales analytics companies, SG Analytics works with all arrays of clients to visualize and track all sales activities with one goal – lead conversion.

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Territory and Salesforce Optimization

Availability and assortment are the primary drivers of brand sales, across industries and markets. Ensuring the right mix of assortment and being visible at the point-of-sale are key determinants of the purchase decision for a customer. With an optimized distribution strategy and territory- level performance management of salesforce, brands can drive wider customer reach and deeper bill penetration.

Sales force optimization | SG Analytics
  • Salesforce and Sales data analytics support monitor and evaluate sales growth, lead conversion rate, sell-through rate, average purchase value and much more.
  • Territory Management: Devise optimal route plans, size assortment opportunities by territories, forecast sales target by trade areas, identify high-potential dealer pockets through micro-market data analytics.
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Sales Forecasting

Industry forecasts are key enablers of strategic organizational decisions like entering new markets and innovating products. Forecasting models that blend data on macro-economic indicators, historical industry sales, demand space identification through customer surveys provide actionable insights to our clients’ Research and Innovation team.

Sales forecasting analytics services | SG Analytics
  • Industry Forecast: Determine the drivers of any industry or product segment, based on factors such as historical sales of the industry and brand, macro-economic indicators and market-specific occurrences, competition interventions, commodity price fluctuations. Generate short-term and long-term industry forecasts for customized product category segments.
  • Product Sales Prediction: Create and periodically update sales forecast models for your brands and sub-brands basis forecasting simulators.
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Incentive Planning

Automated Incentive structuring or restructuring basis a streamlined goal achievement tracking interface drives employee satisfaction and garners overall organizational growth.

Incentive planning research | SG Analytics
  • Incentive Derivation: Create dynamic incentive models that reward performers proportionately.
  • Performance benchmarking: Benchmark target achievement versus best performer to create talent clusters as well as identify drivers of employee performance.
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Performance Tracking

As a distinguished data analytics company in the USA, we enable companies to build individual KPIs that add up to organizational goals and isolate the impact of KPI achievement on organization performance.

Performance tracking analytics | SG Analytics
  • Sales performance analysis: BI dashboards that track….
  • Quantify target achievement: Create performance ranking and rating model basis quantifiable KPI metrics.
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