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Supply Chain Management Analytics Services

Distribution is still one of the key drivers of a brand’s success. Brands that have created an innovative Go-to-market strategy are the ones that have sustained in the market in times of global economic downturns. SGA’s supply chain analytics service helps companies with network analytics solutions to reduce the operations and logistics costs in the long run. Supply chain management analytics enables to unlock the value of data to optimize forecasting and drive significant profits. Our supply chain data analytics services assist companies with rich research and analysis of voluminous and unstructured data to derive statistical and quantitative performance indicators.

Why SGA ?


Demand Forecasting

Sizing the demand and determining gaps in supply helps the brand take corrective actions at the right time, to avoid any opportunity losses due to the non-availability of relevant assortment. Our supply chain analytics solutions provide.

Demand forecasting services | SG Analytics
  • Need-gap analysis: Identify potential whitespaces in terms of geography, product features, customer demographic groups that need to be focused upon in order to cater to the underleveraged or underserved target audience.
  • Capacity Versus demand analysis: Align the demand to the sources of supply to identify critical gaps with respect to the out-of-stock assortment.
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Inventory Planning

Arriving at the list of the must-have assortment and determining the sourcing plan for must-stock inventory is a critical requirement for Inventory sourcing teams. As one of the finest supply chain analytics companies, we deliver.

Inventory planning services | SG Analytics
  • Inventory prioritization: Maintain minimum required stock at hand through SGA’s inventory planner, to minimize overhead costs.
  • Order Fill-rate optimization: Automate order fulfillment process by building machine learning algorithms that track inventory allocation across distribution centers.
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Vendor Management

Our data analytics services help companies manage performance across supplier and vendor networks to devise effective capacity planning strategies.

  • Service Compliance Trackers: Notify Operations heads and regional sales on red alerts with respect to any SLA compliance, as well as manage vendors basis their KPI achievement scores which can be tracked on a daily basis.
  • Single Source of Inventory: Consolidate data across vendors, inventory distribution centers in order to optimize assortment pricing, distributor margins and order fulfillment of low inventory items.
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Network and Capacity Optimization

As one of the established data analytics companies in the USA, we enable companies to reduce logistics cost with zero or minimal impact on order fill-rate through dynamic journey maps and fleet planning.

  • Journey planners: Google map-based route planning and tracking tool to identify optimize the best route for each order.
  • Inventory pricing models: Determine the market benchmark prices for each assortment item (SKU) for creating effective discounting plans across trade areas and assortment categories.
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