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Supply Chain Analytics Consulting

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Supply Chain Data Analytics Solutions

Our supply chain analytics solutions are customized for each client based on their data or analytics maturity and marketing benchmarking. Our solutions across the supply chain functions enable our clients to meet their business objectives. We help our clients in becoming more efficient and aware of issues/risks in their processes setting up control towers, managing perishable inventories in an optimized manner, forecast demands & supply, vendor management, and vendor performance management. Our solutions include creating and managing the infrastructure required for data collection, processing, and storage.... Read More

Supply Chain Analytics Consulting Company

What We Offer

Our vendor performance scorecards and AI/ML capabilities in source to contract and procure to contract help our clients optimize supplier relationships, leading to improved efficiency, reduced procurement costs, and minimizing supply chain disruptions.

We help our clients in production benchmarking, capacity planning, supply-demand balancing, and yield management for waste reduction. Our advanced analytics helps predict unplanned downtime, equipment failure, and proactive maintenance to optimize production efficiency.

Our data driven solutions coupled with advanced AI/ML methodologies help our clients in solving multiple issues in inventory management space. We optimize complex inventory problems such as lead time variability, slow inventory movement, excessive stock, warehouse cost, and waste.

We enable our clients to solve and optimize complex business problems in transportation. We consult and implement end-to-end solutions from route efficiencies to carrier performance to carbon footprint reduction in transportation.

Why SG Analytics

Deep Domain Expertise

Our services span from data strategy creation to a future-ready data architecture with deep-domain expertise.

A Full-Service Suite

We offer a full-service suite for software development, product testing, and enhancement which can be leveraged to accelerate the products go-to-market.

Insights Driven Outcome

Through our AI/ML applications and reporting engagements, we deliver impactful insights.

Who We Work With


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