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Predictive modeling, optimization and segmentation analysis to enhance BFSI

Banking Market Research

Research and analytics have become the most influential metric for most businesses; to encourage efficiency, security, and growth. BFSI companies are turning towards our banking and financial services to navigate, and eventually dominate financial markets by relying on banking market research, credit risk analysis, and insurance analytics.

Insurance Market Research

SG Analytics employs comprehensive research to assist our clients in insurance market research and make strategic decisions across financial asset classes. Our clients enhance their portfolios by relying on our insurance analytics, financial market research, credit risk analysis,
and market intelligence services.

Financial Services Market Research

As one of the well-known financial services market research companies, we cultivate better decision-making practices within BFSI companies. Employ our research, analytics and industry experience to keep pace with market trends, identify potential growth opportunities, and tackle challenges efficiently.

Who We Work With

  • Banks

    Banking and financial services provided at SG Analytics ….

  • Asset & Wealth Managers

    Financial market research that helps dominate across asset classes.

  • Insurers

    Dynamic insurance analytics with powerful data aggregation to enhance decision making

  • Fintech

    Providing consumer-centric data and enabling consistent agility to power growth.

Research For Asset And Wealth Managers

  • Banking and financial services help identify investment opportunities and screen securities through financial research, that match your investment criteria across asset classes.
  • SG Analytics constructs and cultivates portfolios in conjunction with your internal research methodologies.
  • Accurate financial services market research is conducted by accomplished analysts, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Economists, and MBAs.
  • Optimize AuM with our Fund Marketing Support Services.
  • Consolidate ESG factors within financial research for sound investments.
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Services for Investment Banks

  • M&A, ECM and DCM teams are supported by qualitative and quantitative financial research.
  • Utilize investment research to identify new investment recommendations.
  • Optimize the time spent in portfolio audits by implementing our custom research support.
  • Develop advanced compliance monitoring to ensure anti-money laundering and identify and remediate any gaps in KYC.
  • Our banking and financial services also include a thorough review and examination of research reports.
  • Insurance market research to meet customer expectations across premiums and claims; formulate significant strategies to establish competitive landscape.
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Market Intelligence

  • Identify opportunities within banking payment solutions across specific sectors and markets.
  • Anchor our financial services market research to stay acquainted and optimize the most appropriate digital strategy.
  • Track trends in the financial service industry to increase profits and enhance the customer experience.
  • Our banking market research gather competitive intelligence on strategies adopted by major banks.
  • Evaluate technologies such as AR, AI, and Blockchain in financial services to determine the scope for implementation and provide better asset management.
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Business Strategies

  • Working with banks, asset management firms and insurers to identify opportunities for growth and to maintain successful portfolios.
  • Financial research to analyze trends within the reinsurance sector and study the impact of alternative capital.
  • Create innovative go-to-market strategies for digital-only banks.
  • Experts that are well versed in assessing investment strategies of private equity funds and hedge funds.
  • Credit risk analytics for strategies adopted by insurance firms.
  • Digital wallet analysis.
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Marketing and Sales Analytics

  • Wield financial research to gain a competitive advantage by creating a data analytics strategy.
  • Increase household profitability and marketing spend return on investment.
  • Leverage customer information that helps you offer the right product to the right person.
  • Build comprehensive segmentation frameworks by matching customer behavior with demographic markers.
  • Data-driven strategies are tailor-made for the banking and financial service industry.
  • Forecast goals for salesforce and optimize territory management.
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Data Management and Visualization

  • Identifying potential data sources for financial research.
  • Data governance services to aggregate data using secure tools for centralized management of financial transactions.
  • Creating dashboards for easy access to data to enable decision making.
  • We create visualization tools for banking and financial service providers to enhance intuitive decision making.
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