Pharmaceutical Market Research

SGA’s Healthcare coverage has increased over the years from focused pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry to emerging and connected healthcare, healthcare IT, medical robotics, virtual healthcare models, CROs, animal health, dental and sports medicine.

Key questions we answer

  • Products

    Investigate product launch timelines.

  • Markets

    Determine market access strategies including pricing and reimbursements.

  • Messaging

    Key messaging and positioning in target markets.

  • Sales

    Optimize sales force and prioritize sales initiatives.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is important to improve the efficiency of a business model and has a direct impact on the productivity of the company. As one of the eminent pharmaceutical market research companies, SGA helps your marketing and sales team build credible Business Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence from global markets.

Business intelligence services | SG Analytics
  • Analyze demand and supply and product positioning based on white space opportunities.
  • Interpret diligent insights around specific products or companies in particular markets.
  • Build a foundation for evidence-based clinical decision-making.
  • Help healthcare providers minimize the costs of care and enhance revenue
  • Healthcare market research to improve patient safety and outcomes while complying with regulations and standards.
  • Support overall cost management for providers while improving patient outcomes in a healthcare set up.
  • Improve patient care and facilitated quality performance and safety analyses in healthcare setups.
  • Pharma market research to compile and map consumer insights towards brands, pricing, efficacy, referrals especially for OTC and Wellness and other medical segments.
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Market Sizing and Forecasting

The gap between red-ocean and blue-ocean strategy is reducing. As one of the leading healthcare research and analytics companies, we help strategists obtain credible market information which is highly customized to suit their market-specific needs; market sizing and statistically significant forecasting to make or break a business.

Business opportunity assessment | SG Analytics
  • Convergence in medical sciences has brought the ever-growing volume of digital information.
  • Accuracy in market sizing, disease epidemiology, and patient management data helps the providers in proper forecasting of healthcare segments.
  • Estimate the total number of potential users and convert them into sales opportunities.
  • Determining market size will have a direct impact on your product’s pricing strategy, and your future potential buyers and buyers’ buyer.
  • Market sizing is also an art. It requires you to make assumptions based on unknown business outcomes or market trends. SG Analytics has combined it’s tool and experience to master this art.
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Technology Scouting

Disrupt, Innovate and Improvise is the motto of the current market. If companies don’t adopt new and better technologies, they are left behind in the competitive market. Technology motivators and creators change the dynamics every now and then, creating ripples in the market. Hence, it is imperative to track the relevant technology that impacts your business.

Intelligent content aggregation | SG Analytics
  • Tech scouting compliments open innovation across medical sciences. Technology scouting is a combination of art and science.
  • Healthcare market research to convert bucket technologies into focused healthcare categories. It helps you arrange the technologies and the articles that support them, logically into categories based on demand, application, future growth, innovation, and novelty.
  • Pharmaceutical market research coupled with our network across university R&D helps you reach out to concept stage innovation faster than peers.
  • Market Research expertise to weed out the best technology and saves your dollars, time and effort.
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Med Tech

Medical convergence doesn’t let a CEO sleep. Technology adoption is crucial and hence covering the entire ecosystem of the medical industry creates a picture, where one can identify their loyal client, clients who frequently switch, competitor’s clients and clients who don’t wish to change. Medical technology can be cloud-based or remote or can be conventional. SGA connects the best brains in the market with the C levels for brainstorming and insights which can give futuristic directions to a healthcare segment.

Intelligent data treatments | SG Analytics
  • Connecting innovators and change agents propelling growth because medical technologies are all about connected medical products, services or solutions best used to save and improve people’s lives.
  • Med Tech helps in prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and care. It is imperative to understand clients’ potential, their decision-making styles and options to influence the purchasing decisions of the buyers in different markets.
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Clinical Trial Data Management

CRO is one of the most competitive segments in healthcare and data is fragmented all over. SG Analytics pharmaceutical market research brings together credible trial data and related information and offers dashboard solutions for pharmaceutical R&D companies & other CROs.

Clinical trial data management services | SG Analytics
  • Assist clinical trial organizations to gather market updates, trial updates, alerts and new trial information.
  • Gather objective and outcome measures of trial, sponsor and investigator profiling, conference trackers on drug innovation, clinical phase developments and more.
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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management services | SG Analytics
  • The global healthcare market is linking the medical laboratory and healthcare setups with the marketplace. Supply chain management becomes imperative for streamlining operations, processes, sales and return on investment. As one of the finest healthcare market research companies, we enable companies to streamline their Supply Chain issues in different markets.
  • Gather real-time data from the market which can support you further with Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Enhance Supply Chain Management in Healthcare & other processes.
  • In medical sciences, pharma, clinical supplies, blood products, and devices are few examples where blockchain has been leveraged for operations, compliance, and forecasting by pharmaceutical manufacturers, blood banks, providers, pharmacies, and payers.
  • Support you with product tracking, verification, detection and response and bring about process improvement.
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Sales Force Optimization

The most crucial part of the sales function is sales force optimization. Designing SFO can support a company tide over a difficult phase in a complex market.

Sales force optimization | SG Analytics
  • Salesforce health clouds have replaced the conventional SFO models in healthcare, SG Analytics helps you shift your focus from selling “product brands” to selling “corporate brands,” and give new meaning to sales force optimization.
  • SG Analytics uses analytical tools in classifying and targeting customers, better application of time, representative, geography algorithms, and selling experience that supports and builds the corporate brand. SGA helps you revisit the conventional form of SFO and helps you revamp.
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Track Relevant Industry Data

Performance tracking analytics | SG Analytics
  • Analog library to understand product launch performance with respect to peak share, launch curve, lag time, and time to peak.
  • Maintain data sets in specific therapeutic areas including days of therapy, products, and regions.
  • Track M&A deals across pharmaceutical companies globally.
  • Create dashboards that help track and analyze data including drug volume, sales, revenue, and units.
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*By sharing the information you have entered, you give your express consent to SG Analytics to use the provided information to contact you with relevant information related to its offerings and services as and when required. SG Analytics secures all your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For more information, please visit our privacy policy.