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Telecom Analytics

The TMT sector has turned out to be inseparable with data and analytics as the need for customization is increasing with changing customer behavior. In the current scenario of extreme competition, TMT companies need to offer innovative solutions and services in an easy-to-access platform. SG Analytics works with many leading global TMT players and provides them
telecom data analytics services with customized solutions. Some of these solutions include media analysis; media mix modeling, technology research, and telecom analytics.

Technology Market Research

SG Analytics provides technology market research, media research, and telecommunications industry analysis to help clients improve profit margins, streamline operations, and create effective market and business strategies

Social Media Analytics Research

TMT companies can be at the forefront of personalization analytics, offering clients what they want before they know they want it. Analytics-driven insights can ensure customer experiences to be more efficient and personalized. This is done by utilizing media analytics, telecom research, and technology analytics. SG Analytics specializes in providing customized social media analytics research and solutions to the clients in the TMT sector.

Key challenges we address

  • Positioning

    Across target markets and competency building along the value chain.

  • Personalization

    Intelligence that promotes customer-centricity and drives personalized services.

  • Monetize

    Data-driven services and infrastructure. Reduce time to market and be at the forefront of innovation.

  • Digitization

    Sharpen your digital strategy and analyze opportunities across digital technologies.

Market Intelligence

SGA’s market research and intelligence capabilities help clients with accurate and informed decision-making in determining strategies such as market entry, product expansion, opportunity assessment, business models, and competitive advantage. We have TMT experts who provide market intelligence customized solutions, tools, and tailor-made databases according to a client’s requirement. These include: Analysis of telecom industry trends to strategically position your company through ever-changing markets.

Market intelligence company | SG Analytics
  • Prevention of ARPU decline and an increase in profit margins with market intelligence.
  • Advanced telecom analysis for the TMT sector to adapt and overcome challenges.
  • Utilization of technology sector analysis to generate innovative solutions to benchmark OTT service offerings.
  • Strategic distribution of content and select partnerships across digital platforms.
  • Tailor-made databases including telecom industry analysis, media analysis, and technology sector analysis to promote data-driven decision-making.
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Business Strategy

Technology market research helps clients in better and accurate decision and strategy making. SGA helps clients to build an advanced business strategy backed with recent telecom trends and emerging technologies such as AI, AR, Machine Learning, etc. These business strategies become the core for clients for competitive advantage and better customer services, which include:

Business strategy support and services | SG Analytics
  • Custom-build databases for digital strategy through advanced technology sector analysis including big data analytics, IoT, AI, and AR.
  • Increase profit margins by leveraging telecom research, media analysis, and technology sector analysis to identify challenges and generate insights.
  • Discover opportunity areas to develop and gain value within the TMT sector
  • Provide advanced personalization services by generating insights on customer-centric challenges with telecom analytics.
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Media Mix Modeling

SGA advances support in media research to devise impactful marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns. Capabilities such as pricing analytics, advance mix media analysis, and modeling help in cost and spent optimization, effective sales, improved client retention, etc.

Sales analytics companies | SG Analytics
  • Media analysis: Run thorough models to measure the business impact created across different media channels including TV, web, and applications.
  • Media research and analysis incorporation in marketing and advertising strategies, for example, deal periods, contender promoting, and site low-points to correctly influence KPIs.
  • Media mix modeling evaluates campaigns and takes into consideration an exact examination of all channels.
  • Social media analytics research to gain a complete overview of your media investments.
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Consumer Insights

SGA’s capabilities lie in consumer behavior and journey analytics to increase the usefulness of the solutions and products while increasing the ROI. Our expertise helps clients in a two-step strategy making; first, data gathering from sector analysis & insight generation, and second, harnessing telecom analytics to provide clients with a clear understanding of consumer behavior.

Consumer insights analytics | SG Analytics
  • Technology sector analysis, media analysis, and telecom analytics incorporate thorough data aggregation programs and procedures to gain insights into consumer behavior.
  • Business decisions are made by creating consumer insight dashboards.
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Consumer Sciences for Platforms and Apps

Customer-level data | SG Analytics
  • Connect: Transform users into recurring consumers with superior data-driven strategies that promote hyper-targeted campaigns.
  • Engage: Identify the consumer journey through media analysis to determine the best way to engage and achieve your desired goals.
  • Retain: Telecom, media, and technology sector analyses leverage customer analytics and data models to identify the best strategy to retain customers on their platforms.
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