Sophisticated IB analytics for discerning corporate finance and valuation specialists

Our Equity Valuation Services

Provides support for all aspects of financial analysis and valuation with high-quality, customized research and analytics across M&A, IPO’s, debt restructuring, and early-stage investing

Employ Our Business Valuation Services To

Refine your valuation perspective across complex financial markets, dynamic accounting framework, and the ever-evolving global economy

Obtain explicit comprehension of company assets, company’s present and resale value

Increase the number of your potential investors, and improve your merger or acquisition agreements

Introspect your advancement ideas, measure and evaluate your progress regularly

Why SGA?

Industries We Serve

Investment Banking Support

As an accomplished business valuation firm, we deliver

Banking financial services for investment banks | SG Analytics
  • Custom quantitative and qualitative corporate finance valuation support across M&A, ECM, and DCM teams
  • Client service culture that matches onshore bankers’ style and support across the deal cycle to enhance business impact
  • SLA-based approach, efficiencies via context-led automation and process standardization, and optimized spend on data sources
  • Anchor our expertise across a wide range of market data sources leveraged by IB firms for significant corporate business valuation.
  • Multiple engagement models to meet client requirements including dedicated resources, ad hoc support, and output-based
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Valuation Support

Leverage our equity valuation services to obtain

Equity valuation services | SG Analytics
  • Financial reports including fair value analysis, purchase price allocation, impairment testing, and accounting for stock option expenses
  • Transaction-related valuation support covering corporate finance valuation and restructuring, VC financing, bankruptcy proceedings, and purchase or sale of a company/asset
  • Tax compliance support covering IRC 409A valuation and valuation of interests in closely-held businesses or other securities for estate planning and gift tax
  • Litigation-relation valuation support including valuation advice, damage claims, and profit claims
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Business Valuation Services (Library Services)

Employ our corporate business valuation services to

Business valuation services | SG Analytics
  • Get company data including filings, profiles, ownership information, consensus estimates, and management profiles
  • Obtain company, sector, and macro-specific data across complexity levels seamlessly
  • Access custom news run, capital market-specific data, and private company information
  • Acquire performance data across markets, asset classes, and geographies
  • Draw up research reports with specific information such as regulatory impact, revenue and cost drivers, demand and supply dynamics, and technological innovations
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Services for Private Equity and Venture Capital

Services for private equity and ventural captial | SG Analytics
  • Consulting across the investment life cycle including deal sourcing, target qualification, and financial modelling
  • Corporate finance consulting to identify and categorize buyers by fund type, strategies, transaction preferences, and seek information on underlying funds.
  • Benefit from a range of tailor-made, deal-specific, and traditional private equity investments to enhance portfolios
  • Business development, portfolio monitoring fund database management, and investment due-diligence services
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