Fully customized, high-quality and deep-dive research that enables refined decision making in global financial markets

Today’s unpredictable and firmly connected financial markets are experiencing a superfluous influx of data and information. As such, well-researched investment opinions are critical for the performance of financial institutions. SG Analytics securities research delivers exactly that – insightful and well-researched views across various economies, industries, sub-industries and companies while ensuring speed and efficiency through technology and automation.

Why SGA?

Industries We Serve

Equity Research

Equity research services | SG Analytics
  • Support across the investment cycle: idea generation, coverage initiation, coverage maintenance and performance monitoring
  • Top-down and bottom-up investment screeners that give clients the flexibility to tune the universe based on their investment preferences and philosophies
  • Deep-dive, driver-based financial models for companies, including historical data, adjusted metrics, detailed three-statement forecasting, multi-technique valuation, sensitivity analysis, and scenario analysis
  • Economy, sector and company notes that deliver meaningful insights to enable informed decision-making
  • Daily/weekly/monthly newsletters to keep clients abreast of latest developments in their investment universe
  • Inspect financial statements using forensic research techniques to spot irregularities related to accounting, management compensation, etc.
  • Healthcare equity research to obtain forecasts and maintain industry models
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Fixed Income Research

Fixed income research | SG Analytics
  • Actively cover investment grade, high-yield and distressed debt instruments across corporates, treasuries, and municipal bonds in developed, emerging and frontier markets
  • Spot investment opportunities in the fixed income space, evaluate investment prospects and vigilantly monitor favourable/unfavourable developments in the universe
  • Obtain investment insights through detailed cash flow models, indenture screening, covenant headroom monitoring, stress testing and scenario analysis
  • Issuer-specific as well as issue-specific notes that provide high-quality insights to enhance the speed, quality and effectiveness of investment decisions
  • Qualitative and quantitative support across leverage finance, money markets, structured finance, US public finance, and convertibles
  • Deliver Fixed income credit research to understand capital structure and asses potential risks across credit platform
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Marcoeconomic Research

Marcoeconomic research services | SG Analytics
  • Reports on analysis of fiscal and monetary economic policies, trade reports, economic data releases, macroeconomic themes, and global geopolitical events
  • Insights and reports on investment strategies across various (credit, currency, commodities, etc.)
  • Securities research to identify efficient frontiers and enable appropriate portfolio distribution & asset allocation based on clients’ risk appetites and preferences
  • Econometric modelling and forecasting using multidimensional panel data
  • Aggregate data on major economic events, multiple vendors feed, and government websites to stay on top of global happenings
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Index and Quantitative Research

Index and quantitative research | SG Analytics
  • Provide analytics on pre-index and post-index rebalancing along with continuous index monitoring and tracking to stay on top of the markets
  • Deploy advanced backtesting models to identify the key factors that can generate excess returns and help you alter trading strategies accordingly
  • Identify portfolio susceptibility through in-depth risk analysis using stress tests as well as standard & customized risk models that analyze credit risk, investment risk and operational risk
  • Investment research to construct optimal portfolios having varied risk attributes based on customized portfolio constraints and fund mandates
  • Data governance strategies and Multiple data sources fused to access and estimate valid fundamental data, market data, fund flow data, macroeconomic information, and ESG metrics

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