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Sales and marketing are the key driving forces behind any organization’s growth. In modern-day selling, digital and social selling goes hand in hand; more and more consumers across the globe prefer online purchase, yet there is a certain percentage of consumers who prefer offline or brick and mortar models. Marketing tools and sales tools are undergoing transformation due to the sudden influx of digitization.

Marketing and Sales Strategy Business Plan

Marketing and sales strategy business plan caters to strike a balance between online and offline purchases as well as to measure the amount of conversion and acquisition of new customers. SG Analytics’ market research helps you study the behavior of your buyers, purchasing patterns, spending power, drivers of purchases, reasons for brand switch and design appropriate marketing and sales strategy business plan.

Our strong team of researchers helps you reach out to the end customers, retailers, stockiest and manufacturers to get a definite understanding of the supply chain gaps and improvise on your current sales and marketing strategy plan. The right sales and marketing strategy can help you win over and retain customers even in the face of industry downturns or threats from competition.

Conducting business without a proper marketing plan is similar to driving without a map. Although a company may reach its final destination or buyer eventually, however, in this process they may also risk making time-consuming and costly errors which can impact the P&L and annual revenue. SG Analytics’ technology expertise helps in proficiently crafting appropriate branding and marketing strategy to “Identify” the right and potential customer group; “Reach” them through an efficient marketing channel; and “Convert” the potential customer to buyers.

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