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In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is important to measure internal performance and assess where the company stands when compared to its competitors. The benchmarking studies help in the scientific evaluation of the business performance and maintain a competitive edge by identifying business strengths, establish baselines, implement best practices and explore new opportunities for growth. Benchmarking initiatives should be a part of the continuous improvement process.

As a Benchmarking Consulting Firm

Our benchmarking research caters to ensure that the progress being made is in line with the stated strategic objectives over time; to take the learnings into refining and re-defining future strategic objectives. Through benchmarking insights, companies can gain a greater understanding of the best systems and practices that are crucial for improving the management of their own supply chains.

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We help clients to identify the goals that they need to be chasing to become an industry leader

With its rich expertise in providing research and analytics solutions, SG Analytics is not only able to research data that matters but is also able to combine the right data with analytics and contextual intelligence to give you one of the most comprehensive and a well-rounded perspective of the industry standards and benchmarks you should be aiming for.

The three main classifications of benchmarking are:

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