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Competitive intelligence is not just knowing your competitor, but also the market and factors in which your brand will compete. It is a deep dive exercise, where businesses unearth the finer points of competitors’ business plans, including the customers they serve and the marketplaces in which they operate.

Our Competitive intelligence services facilitate analyzation of how competitors may be disrupted by a wide variety of events. It also reveals how distributors and other stakeholders may be impacted and telegraph how new technologies can quickly render every assumption invalid.

Competitive intelligence activities can be grouped into two main silos: tactical and strategic. Tactical intelligence is shorter-term and seeks to provide input into issues such as capturing market share or increasing revenues. Strategic intelligence focuses on longer-term issues such as key risks and opportunities facing the enterprise. If market research is tactical, then competitive intelligence is highly strategic in nature.

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As an esteemed competitive intelligence firm, we assemble information about stakeholders and influencers to create an accurate prediction of future market conditions. Whether it’s a future competitor launch date, actual consumer behavior (versus self-report opinions), or first-hand knowledge, we ensure our competitive intelligence analysis indicates an organization’s best bet based on the competitive landscape. Knowing what has happened in the past definitely has its place, but it’s not always enough. Forward-looking competitive intelligence may be gathered on a smaller scale, but it’s no less valuable; particularly for planning a future strategy. Leverage our competitive intelligence research to have an edge over competitors, create a plan of action and a winning strategy. It’s not a question of one analysis is better than the other, but rather a method of building out strategies based on both streams of information. The market research gives you a better picture of past and current conditions, while competitive intelligence gives you a crystal clear view of the future market. When combined, the resulting data and insights effectively limit risks and losses and increase chances of success.

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