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Business Opportunity Assessment To Segment And Target Rapidly

Leverage SGA expertise to evaluate an idea, concept, or opportunity to determine whether there is sufficient strategic, market, and financial merit from continued consideration and possible development into a product. We have helped organizations thrive by helping them to identify and assess the attractiveness of a business opportunity. Our business opportunity assessment combined with product opportunity assessment delivers a thorough evaluation of the market to draft business plans or strategy processes that determine probable profit and revenue.

Assess advantageous opportunities and potential risk with market opportunity assessment

We conduct market opportunity assessments to establish demand and competitive analysis and study the market conditions to be able to have a clear vision and plan strategies accordingly. Thus, making it a tool to detect and evaluate the desirability of a business opportunity in the long run.
Market research and opportunity assessments are used to identify opportunities and risks so that businesses can understand the market prior to building or expanding an offering. Ensuring that adequate and timely risk identification is performed as an integral part of the development process.
“The sooner risks are identified, the sooner plans can be made to mitigate or manage them.”

There are a number of methods in use for risk identification. Comprehensive databases of the events on past projects are very helpful. However, this knowledge frequently lies buried in people’s minds, and access to it involves brainstorming sessions by the project team or a significant subset of it. In addition to leveraging technology capabilities and experience, personal contacts and external consultations are keys to successful risk identification.

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