Engineering Testing Services & Quality Assurance

Leverage domain knowledge and testing expertise for high-quality assurance.

Engineering Testing Services

SG Analytics assists the client’s speed-to-market ambition with robust quality and significant business risk mitigation. Our quality engineering solutions coupled with domain expertise helps establish quality control in financial services and ensures we are at the forefront of test engineering services.

Quality Assurance Services

We empower organizations to choose potential tools and test processes to establish quality assurance, detect early errors, avoid costly defects of products or services. Formulate big data quality assurance programs and policies with our quality assurance testing services and technology capabilities.

Key Focus Industries

Functional and Non-functional Quality Assurance Services

We ensure that our clients deliver high-quality products/services to their end-users ' satisfaction. This is done by:

Functional and non-functional quality assurance services | SG Analytics
  • Testing mainline utility and accessibility function of applications.
  • Performing manual and automated testing adhering to business requirement specification(BRS)
  • and software requirement specification(SRS).
  • Framing test life cycle management for DevOps and Agile.
  • Identify nuances that owe to performance and compatibility issues.

Automation and Regression Testing Solutions

As an established quality assurance company, we aid companies to spotlight appropriate functionalities that are to be tested automatically and iteratively to avoid testing irrelevant functionalities and miss out expensive test errors.

Automation and regression testing solutions | SG Analytics
  • Test Automation frameworks for development, maintenance, and support, to reduce time-to-market and cost.
  • Explore and upgrade business requirements with testing transformation.
  • Cost-efficient and long-lasting automated test strategies for dynamic software maintenance requirements.

Test Engineering and Frameworks

Plan and implement optimal tests that address business requirements and risks.

Test engineering and frameworks | SG Analytics
  • Frame relevant black-box and white-box testing metrics for the real-time environment.
  • Automated test engineering to schedule reporting services for complicated and imperative test requirements.
  • Strategic and target-oriented quality assurance.
  • Client Example

Custom Testing Services

Review and consult end-to-end testing services in accordance with the product/application requirements. Bespoke testing solutions to increase the credibility of products and services.

Custom testing services | SG Analytics
  • Integrated technology to improve business outcomes.
  • Next-Gen solutions are further empowered by quality engineering.
  • Consult tools and services that assure test quality.
  • Quality analytics to govern and manage test data.

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