Case study

Tracking the Voice of the Customers to Estimate the Efficacy of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

SG Analytics Case Study A Global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Provider.

Client: A Global ERP Software Provider


•   The client required a Voice of Customer (VoC) competitive intelligence platform to analyze the performance of its own and competing brands, especially with respect to its product features. This would enable the company to identify and target product features that are popularly discussed and in analyzing the positive/negative sentiments around these features.

•   The client wanted to track the ‘voice of its customers’ to evaluate the efficacy of new feature releases and upgrades


•   Created operational metrics that allow the client to work towards a shared goal with a consistent set of key performance indicators (KPIs).

•  Identified capabilities for which the competitors’ score is higher in comparison to the client (Metrics - Net Sentiment).

•  Conducted a detailed analysis of five competitors based on two parameters, core functionality and standard functionality, to identify the pros and cons of the functionality, challenges faced by users, and areas of improvement.

•   Provided insight into customer preferences, issues, and complaints, which would help the company in identifying the difficulties and opportunities to take appropriate steps.



Benchmarking for five peers operating in the same technology category across industries.


SG Analytics' competitive intelligence platform offered the client with quick, frequent, and real-time access to customer sentiments and perception to establish a solid CX function.
• Identified improvement initiatives for areas that fall short of customer expectations.

• Identified the laggards and leaders in the technology category.

•  The platform enabled the client to identify the trending topics, key features, and sentiments towards these features for competing with other brands and its own products.

•  The platform has a bi-weekly refresh cycle that permits easier and real-time tracking.



•  The most-popular Net Promoter Score (NPS); how likely are customers to recommend the product or service.

•  Rich framework incorporation such as the Kano analysis, sentiment scoring, and Sunrise/Sunset trends.

•  Performance of peers reviewed based on key performance indicators.

•  Reviews from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources.

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