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Media solutions backed by deep industry knowledge and experience working with top Fortune 500 companies

We provide key data analytics offerings to Networks, OTT Apps, and Brand Agencies. We offer bespoke solutions to enable decision-making through actionable insights and recommendations. We cover the complete value chain of data-led decision-making by harnessing the power of data through research, analytics, and data science.

How do we help our clients?

Data & Analytics
  • Contextualize technical implementations
  • Integrate enterprise strategy with analytics use cases, data gaps, and technology infrastructure

Client Testimonials

SG Analytics helped us to save a significant amount annually by implementing ML-based automated classification to predict remediation classes basis content of the customer feedback.

Automation of monthly and weekly analysis of key business metrics helped the business take timely decisions and saved significant manual intervention.

Head, Data Analytics

A leading American Channel

SGA helped us to build an in-house BI Visualization platform for their social media listening which reduced the manual efforts of aggregating, harmonizing and measuring text-based social media content to drive audience engagement.

The solution also enabled various stakeholders to improve content strategy, determine the best time to post and identify influencers who are sharing their posts on specific platforms.

Director, Data Science

A leading Media Conglomerate

SG Analytics with their expertise in building strong and scalable data pipelines in our ecosystem is highly regarded by Decision Sciences teams across the group.

Over the past few years my team has managed over 30 data engineers from SGA and the high consistency in their work and profiles has proven very valuable (in a very dynamic and very challenging job market).


A global media and entertainment company

What makes us different?

Our solutions have created an impact across the clients by helping in saving costs, improving content performance, reducing consumer complaints, increasing content viewership, and a lot more. We offer services to improve content feedback, consumer complaints, competitive intelligence, content in-demand analysis, audience sentiment, and emotions, and trailer/teaser performance across Linear and OTT.

Media Domain Expertise
Contextual understanding of Media & Entertainment client requirements
Research Solutions
300+ research studies conducted annually for Technology and Media vertical
Advanced Analytics Expertise
Rich experience working with global media conglomerates on advanced data analytics

We are focused on giving powerful yet simplified solutions that help in creating a direct impact for businesses.

Industry segments

On-tap delivery of data and insights for media clients

Our Media & Entertainment specific accelerators enable our customers with actionable insights for better decisions on Content, Marketing and Customer acquisition

Our Media Offerings

We support M&E firms across platforms and channels, with advanced analytics & insights, data engineering and research

Industry Trends


Building a Data-Driven Content Strategy for Me Industry in the OTT Age

OTT platforms might overthrow Linear TV to become content-consumption supreme. However, the major challenge the two face in acquiring content remains identical – the inability to fully incorporate data in their content strategy. To overcome this, SG Analytics proposes a new and modern solution in this white paper: a data-driven content strategy that combines industry-relevant data from all directions with rigorous data analysis to produce actionable...


Top Media & Entertainment Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

The pandemic proved to be a golden era for streaming platforms, as people sought stay-at-home entertainment. During the pandemic, while a few entertainment outlets remained analog, others, including music concerts and theatre, moved into the digital domain.  

In 2022, the


Data Analytics in Media & Entertainment Industry: 2023 Trends

How frequently did you hear the comment "I guess I have seen everything on Netflix" during the harshest COVID-19-induced lockdowns? 

One positive development in what was generally a challenging year for the global entertainment and media sector was the rise in popularity of movie and television material streamed over the...


FAST Accelerator in Today’s Hybrid Monetization Era

Unified PaaS is set to become the new norm to help improve margins and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels have experienced an average household reach of 20% in the US. Although this is almost a third of overall household reach as compared to subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, there has been exponential growth in new FAST channel launches in the past 24-36 months. This rise of FAST will be crucial for both content owners and...


NAB 2024 Key Trends


NAB 2024 Key Trends

SG Analytics (SGA)’s media and broadcast research & consulting team surveyed 13 vendors attending the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas in April 2024....

Whitepaper - ESG-M&E - Sustainable Media


A Shift toward Sustainable Media Consumption Imminent

Short description & Key Takeaways for the website: There are roughly 500+ OTT TV & video services globally with 6.3bn users worldwide generating...

Trends to Watch 2024 - Media Broadcast Tech


2024 Trends to Watch -TV & Video Technology

Media enterprises are steadily witnessing margin pressures attributed to the emergence of newer audience engagement touchpoints such as FAST channels,...

We partner with leading media firms across their analytics journey – from data creation to insights consumption.