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  • Gain actionable insights into product, technology, customers, competition, and marketplace to make data-driven decisions for your business through our Market Research & Consulting Services

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What We Offer

As a leading market research firm, SGA's market intelligence solutions utilize primary research and data analytics to scrutinize evolving trends in the market landscape. Specializing in crafting competitive strategies, SGA aims to achieve help clients achieve organizational objectives, enhance customer experiences, attract new clientele, and fortify overall business performance.

We help connect researchers to a global network of verified professionals and consumers, to help our clients stay on top of trends in your industry. Our unique panel enrollment strategy and detailed profiling allow you to quickly reach even the most niche business audiences. Our ‘Circle of Experts’ platform is a premium hub of experts, thought leaders, and best-in-class specialists in their respective fields who enjoy staying on top of market trends and industry updates, and connecting with other like-minded professionals.

SGA consultants work closely with our clients to understand requirements and develop a tailored approach and deliverables We help clients identify their next opportunity and capitalize on value-generating growth. Our Opportunity Assessment capabilities uses the collective power of trusted granular data, expert knowledge, and advanced technology to help you assess opportunities and ascertain where to focus. We combine insight across industries to understand the impact on your supply chain and the ecosystems in place.

The solutions will SGA has capabilities across multiple sectors including Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecom, Pharma and Healthcare, BFSI & Professional services, Automotive, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer, Manufacturing and Energy & Utilities amongst others. These solutions will include Market sizing and Forecasting (TAM, SAM and SOM), Market Entry Strategy, Competitive/Stakeholder Landscape Assessment including Account/Segment based opportunity mapping intelligence, Battlecards and Emerging user persona studies and Sales Enablement support involving support for content writing for whitepapers, blogs, conducting webinars, newsletters, blogs, Roundtable/ workshops and graphic design work.


Global Reach

50+ markets covered across Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific


100% recordings and live barge-in facility

Industry Expertise

Insights-based approach driven by sector expertise

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

40+ languages covered globally

Who We Work With

Provide tailored research solutions by understanding the business problem, designing the right research approach, and presenting actionable insights.