SG Analytics is a full-service market research agency that empowers clients to take business decisions driven by business and consumer insights, utilize comparative analysis to build competitive strategies across different industries and analyze marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI)

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As the future of market research would be very design-centric. Data acquisition would become automated. There would be do-it-yourself tools that would be much more user-friendly to relay information. Micro studies on research specific subjects will help to generate insights that can be scientifically used by customers to make informed choices.


Assist to keep in pace with the constant change and evolution of the market. We track technologies across the revolution cycle to understand product-specific research by conducting usage and attitudinal studies. We educate our customers about emerging trends with a lot of investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IoT concepts and
overall digital transformation.


SGA provides ‘why’; a particular data set should be used for business decision-making. Data is available in abundance so it becomes imperative to generate valuable insights using relevant and valid data sets. Augment digitization and innovation leveraging our expertise.

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SGA Edge

Who We Work With

  • Corporates

    Insights that enhance understanding of current and target markets.

  • Technology & Management Consultants

    Opinion pieces and thought leadership collateral.

  • Market Research Firms

    Key insights that drive strategic inputs for end-clients.

  • Boutique Research Firms

    Sector experts across BFSI, PLS, TMT, Retail, and Auto.

Market Intelligence

As a market research firm, our Market Intelligence mechanism focuses on the systematic collection and processing of information from all the relevant sources to ascertain changing trends in the marketing environment. Our quantitative market research services aids in keeping businesses up-to-date with competitors' successes and failures, and build potential business policy formulation and forecasting.

Market intelligence company | SG Analytics
  • Driven by primary research and data analytics
  • Our research experts frame market intelligence through primary research techniques such as CATI, CAWI, FGD, and face-to-face interviews
  • Assess business and competitive landscape from quantitative and qualitative research techniques that help to study consumer behavior
  • With market research industry analysis and monitoring, we help businesses with target acquisition and reach out to potential partners. Our lead generation and market profiling services across all primary and secondary sources provide businesses with market penetration and growth opportunities
  • With Customer Analytics services we help businesses to understand customer lifecycle value (CLV’s) and assessing market opportunities through advanced data analytics, and data visualization capabilities
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Business Strategy

We provide market research services that enable clients to craft competitive business strategies to achieve organizational goals, improve customer experience, attract new customers and strengthen business performance. Leverage our expertise to

Business strategy services | SG Analytics
  • Recognize target markets by building a multi-channel marketing strategy based on continuous market assessment
  • Develop an integrated framework to evaluate business opportunities and challenges; create a roadmap to achieve short term and long term business goals with optimum utilization of available resources.
  • Identify product-specific research and understand product feasibility across domestic and international markets to plan business expansion
  • Encapsulate digitization into business strategies by implementing the latest digital marketing technologies that provide consumer analysis and revenue growth opportunities
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