SG Analytics specializes in formulating competitive market intelligence which provides actionable insights to organizations about their competitive landscape and creates market intelligence solutions

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SG Analytics supports market intelligence by drafting market intelligence reports customized for various industries across markets. We design market intelligence solutions with experts in data analytics and data warehousing.

Our Market Intelligence Services

Provides relevant data that enable our clients to achieve a deep understanding of consumer behavior. We devise market intelligence solutions that help businesses identify growth opportunities and build competitive strategies. As a market intelligence firm, we assist our clients across industry verticals, helping them make business decisions by providing actionable market intelligence services from critical data analysis.

Industries We Serve

Opportunity Assessment Offerings

An opportunity assessment is a powerful sales aid for business development.

Business opportunity assessment | SG Analytics
  • Leverage our market intelligence services to evaluate opportunities on grounds of profitability and feasibility. Assess ROIs (Return on Investment), BEPs (Break-even Points) and turn-around time to generate actual profits and prioritize business opportunities considering their implementation times
  • Assess and estimate business market size and spent across functions categorically divided by business units, geography, and demographics
  • Develop feasible pricing strategies and derive an optimum price for the business/product line with our competitive marketing intelligence
  • Analyze opportunities by using frameworks like ANSOFF, SWOT, PESTEL and BCG Matrix that provides business expansion strategies by identifying product vulnerability and life-cycle
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Competitive Intelligence Strengths

Competitive intelligence research is a guide to learn and understand current and future competitors, their current and announced business activities, how their actions will affect the firm, and how to respond. Competitive intelligence also analyzes how competitors may be disrupted by unforeseen market factors, now and in the future. It helps to convert available data into intelligence that will provide a real-time view of the competitive landscape.

Competitive intelligence research and analytics | SG Analytics
  • Deep understanding about customer base by actionable insights about market profiling, market positioning and customer behavior across the business competitive landscape
  • SGA, as one of the leading market intelligence agency, provides a holistic approach towards understanding competitor history, interpreting past events and forecasting future strategies
  • With our competitive intelligence services, we identify strengths that differentiate clients from competition by implementing our risk management strategies
  • Our ability to combine big data analytics along with competitive intelligence provides quick and precise market intelligence solutions, synthesized from a huge pool of data, enabling clients to increase research efficiency
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Business Benchmarking

Benchmarking provides necessary insights to help organizations understand where they stand in terms of performance measured on defined metrics and helps to identify industry best practices that lead to superior performance. Benchmarking can also help organizations identify areas, systems, or processes for improvement - either continuous improvements or through business process re-engineering.

Business benchmarking insights | SG Analytics
  • Understand the business competitive landscape by receiving benchmarking insights about your business performance against your direct competitors
  • Provide customized balanced scorecards that include external factors like competition and large industries which are key market players
  • Evaluate cost positioning and gain a competitive advantage over competitors from our market research expertise.
  • Benefit from cross-category benchmarking to assess the market position and identify key practices across multiple industries
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Consumer Insights

Consumer insights are facts about customers that help brands optimize customer engagements and create the right message for the right audience for the best return. It involves understanding and interpretation of customer data, behaviors and feedback into conclusions that can be used to improve product development and customer support. Making strategic business decisions depends on the level of insights one can gather from customers.

Consumer insights analytics | SG Analytics
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction, loyalty, and recommendation through NPS surveys to understand the factors that influence decisions and perceptions
  • Build buyer personas across consumer segments and identify areas for marketing and branding activities
  • Identify how business strategies impact and influence consumer choice and preferences using market intelligence research
  • Assess customer lifecycle by getting detailed insights about each phase of the customer lifecycle through our competitive market intelligence
  • Optimize customer relationship management (CRM) by implementing marketing and branding techniques that improve and influence customer buying decisions
  • Leverage our technology expertise to identify customer touchpoints like why they buy, what they buy, when they buy and for whom they buy and develop strategies to improve customer satisfaction
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