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What We Offer

To help organizations get the most out of their data and make educated decisions, we provide professional data consulting services.

  • Strategic Review & Planning: Our data solution services help in defining strategic priorities based on business goals and market needs.
  • Current State Assessment: We baseline the current state from a people, process, data, and technology perspective by incorporating process maps, client workshops, and as-is state architecture review.
  • Target State Definition: We enable the client to identify new opportunities and capabilities to be built. We are a partner of choice in designing target state processes, metrics & wireframes, and developing service models.
  • Roadmap: We help in identifying quick hits and defining the target state roadmap. We further consolidate the findings into deliverables and present & hand over the outcomes to the program/project manager.

Our data lifecycle management solutions ensure the availability and integrity of data using a combination of automated and manual processes to deliver maximum value.

  • Data Sourcing & Analysis: We enable effective data sourcing and analysis by identifying and collecting structured and unstructured data. By creating a golden copy of a record of truth, we automate the data ingestion wherever possible.
  • Data Management & Maintenance: Our deep expertise in advanced data engineering solutions empowers us to manage linkage between multiple databases/tables, streamline upsert, and delete functionalities for proper data dissemination.
  • Data Distribution:The team of data experts at SGA provides customized data distribution mechanisms based on downstream consumer needs.


We help clients understand the risks associated with data and develop effective data strategies and internal controls.

  • Framework Design: The team at SGA performs an as-is assessment, helps identify the gaps, and provides recommendations for developing an operating model. We also enable the client to define the DQ framework, Data Governance Organization, RACI, etc.
  • Data Glossary & Supply Chain Management: We build/document & maintain data catalogs, data models, business glossaries, and data dictionaries, etc.
  • Data Stewardship Support: We perform pattern analysis & root cause analysis to identify inconsistent values within CDEs. We enable the client to define appropriate business rules and identify the data breaks. Our team of data experts also provides codification and exception management/remediation assistance.
  • Data Quality Management: We perform root cause analysis & support exception management and remediation.

We enable clients to reduce operational costs through effective people, process, and technology deployment.

  • Client Life Cycle Processes: With our expertise in handling the client data lifecycle, we enable the client to set up and maintain client and SSI data. We perform new client onboarding, screening & risk assessment, along with ongoing due diligence & transaction monitoring. Through the integration of remediation program support, we help in addressing the gaps with more focus on core areas.
  • Trade Life Cycle Processes: We help clients with product data setup and maintenance across asset classes, along with pricing data maintenance & vendor data management. We also offer corporate action management and reconciliation & remediation.
  • Data Aggregation & Migration Support: The team of data experts offers guidance on client account setup, upstream connectivity configuration, and profile customization. With systematic data collection through hybrid automation, we undertake data validation and quality checks.
  • Service Desk Support: We provide L1 and L2 level helpdesk support and deploy a Follow the Sun model of availability and intelligent routing based on the nature of requests.


End-to-End Data Solutions

Our data experts are adept at managing data and diverse datasets across data formats and sources by deploying manual automation and technological means.

Value-added Insights

We deliver actionable and value-added insights that help clients further enhance data quality and related workflows while bringing in efficiencies to existing processes

Deliver Non-Linear Business Impact

We augment our large-scale data management capabilities with our data analytics expertise to generate non-linear business impact for clients

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We provide our clients customised and comprehensive data solutions by combining content and context.