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What We Offer

From the initial setup and ongoing upkeep of customer and SSI (System Status and Integration) data to the competent execution of activities such as new client onboarding, screening, and risk assessment, we guarantee data accuracy and compliance through seamless integration of ongoing due diligence and transaction monitoring. Additionally, our knowledge encompasses the assistance of remediation programs, increasing overall effectiveness. We enable organizations to confidently manage the complexities of client life cycle procedures. This enables them to concentrate on their primary goals while upholding the highest standards of data integrity with our all-encompassing approach to data governance consulting services.

We facilitate each stage and provide full data governance services and advice. We ensure accurate and up-to-date information, from easy product data setup and maintenance across a range of asset classes to rigorous price data maintenance and effective vendor data administration. We assist in the effective management of organizational actions and decision-making optimization. We enable organizations to confidently manage complicated trade life cycle procedures through our data governance consulting services. It allows them to concentrate on strategic growth while upholding unwavering data integrity throughout every area of their operations.

Regulatory reporting procedures are essential for upholding compliance and accountability in the field of data operations. The first step of the journey entails painstakingly compiling and validating relevant data to verify its accuracy and applicability to the regulatory framework. To ensure reporting requirements are followed, periodic checks are carried out. This reduces risks and upholds transparency. Additionally, the given data is thoroughly analyzed, revealing insightful information by identifying trends, patterns, and any abnormalities. This dynamic approach promotes proactive decision-making, protects regulatory alignment, and emphasizes the value of rigorous data management in today’s strict regulatory environment.

We provide service desk support to ensure efficient operation and quick problem resolution. This entails providing support at both L1 and L2 levels and responding to a variety of user inquiries and technical issues. Follow the Sun, a strategy used to improve accessibility, guarantees constant support across several time zones. The "Follow the Sun" strategy involves having support teams or operations centers located in different time zones to ensure continuous and uninterrupted service. This means that as one team's workday ends, another team in a different time zone takes over, allowing for round-the-clock support and accessibility. Furthermore, by using intelligent routing, inquiries based on their types are directed to the best support staff. Within the ecosystem of data operations, these tactics enable effective problem-solving, reduce downtime, and increase customer happiness.


End-to-End Data Solutions

Our data experts are adept at managing data and diverse datasets across data formats and sources by deploying manual automation and technological means.

Value-added Insights

We deliver actionable and value-added insights that help clients further enhance data quality and related workflows while bringing in efficiencies to existing processes

Deliver Non-Linear Business Impact

We augment our large-scale data management capabilities with our data analytics expertise to generate non-linear business impact for clients

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