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Solve complex business problems with robust data management & analytics solutions

Harnessing the true potential of data is the need of the hour. In this data-driven world, SG Analytics’ data management & analytics consulting services help companies in the US discover insightful information out of unrealized opportunities. Our data management & analytics solutions provide a holistic value chain that generates and delivers meaningful business insights. As one of the leading data analytics companies, we offer data governancedata engineeringBI & visualizationdata sciencemarketing analyticscustomer analyticssales analytics, and competitive intelligence analytics services under one umbrella.

As one of the leading data analytics consulting services companies, we use advanced analytics techniques to extract valuable insights from data. Our expert analytics capabilities help businesses predict new market and growth opportunities. We help our clients in harnessing the true potential of data.

Data Analytics Services

What we offer

Covering a complete set of technical drivers that are essential to fully capitalize on enterprise data resources through a holistic approach of enterprise test data management and data engineering.

  • Create data ingestion pipelines that transfer batched data and streaming data from preexisting databases, data warehouses, and multiple sources to a data lake
  • Employ most scalable and performant data ingestion commercial platforms or use open stack combination to perform data ingestion
  • Data stitching for SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Build data pipelines from scratch or by utilizing services by major cloud platform vendors
  • Unstructured data management using NLP-based algorithms and data pipeline automation using tools such as PySpark, Data Bricks, Snowflake
  • Information mining and Document/Search Stores (BERT, Knowledge graph-based taxonomies)

Business intelligence solutions, like data discovery, data reporting, and data visualization, are critical in helping present-day organizations consume data and make business-critical decisions. SG Analytics’ business intelligence and visualization services help its clients ensure the availability of accurate and actionable data at the fingertips of various stakeholders.

  • Managed reporting services: Experts in creating and deploying BI & data reporting solutions on top platforms, such as PowerBI, Tableau, Oracle, QlikView, and MicroStrategy
  • Dashboards and visualization: Develop dashboards to facilitate decision-making by collecting large volumes of data into intuitive graphical storyboards and developing visualizations that assemble and present extensive information in clean, simple, and accessible formats

Robust big data analytics services that help derive value from your data, regardless of your position in the data & analytics journey, at an industrialized scale with compelling adoption rates. SG Analytics’ data analytics solutions provide a complete spectrum of analytics work necessary for an organization, starting from insights and modeling to ML and AI.

  • Predictive analytics: Predict future trends and events using structured and unstructured data – e.g., preferences, trends, customer attrition, next best action, the impact of customer engagement, viral events, etc.
  • Machine learning: Benefit from the latest algorithms to extract value from big & complex data – e.g., recommender systems, dynamic pricing, etc.
  • Forecasting: Forecast customer conversions (“freemium” to “premium”), video views, demand, sales, and shipment to improve operations and planning
  • Text analytics & NLP: Obtain meaningful insights from text data – e.g., conversation themes, topics, sentiment, content enrichment, customer satisfaction (CSAT), etc.
  • Optimization: Identify optimal cost, margin, or revenue in a specific decision framework, e.g., e-marketing spend, resource optimization, and assortment optimization

In order to truly leverage our marketing initiatives, we need to think beyond just measuring the effectiveness of the marketing activities. It is also fundamental to understand the competition’s behaviors and examine the latest channels and innovative technologies that can be leveraged.
SG Analytics is a leading marketing analytics practitioner and partner of Fortune 500 companies, bringing together the best of market research and marketing analytics to measure, optimize and innovate, helping companies accelerate growth.

  • Predict ROI and measure the effectiveness of marketing spends
  • Understand market trends and consumer sentiments with critical insights generated from social media data
  • Realize the most effective marketing channels by developing and enhancing multi-channel attribution models
  • Generate a “360-degree” view of consumer behavior to launch personalized campaigns and offers

In this fast-paced digital era, choices have increased manifold and the attention spans of customers have reduced drastically. Revenue and customer delight can be maximized when companies understand what customers truly want and make their decision-making journey relevant.
SG Analytics, a leading customer analytics provider, helps clients assess their customers' journeys and lifetime values and utilize advanced analytics solutions, helping them calibrate offers and improve marketing initiatives.

  • As one of the leading data analytics companies, SG Analytics helps identify, acquire, and retain customers to improve profitability
  • Assess the behavior of customers and use segmentation to target the right audience
  • Boost customer engagement with hyper-personalized offerings and improve returns on investments
  • Identify the right and relevant customers

SG Analytics’ sales analytics services and solutions are tailor-made to help your sales teams boost their performance and turn into an efficient selling machine. With our robust solutions and research and analytics expertise, clients can visualize and track all sales activities that lead up to conversions, identify growth opportunities, and build incentive plans that supercharge your sales team.

  • Optimization of territory management strategies and usage of Salesforce for better performance of the sales teams
  • Forecasting sales potential and market in a precise manner to boost outreach and coverage
  • Maximize productivity and returns by analyzing sales teams’ performance & designing effective incentive strategies
  • Optimize sales costs by tracking and measuring sales teams’ performance

Gain competitive insights on customer satisfaction and the voice of customers with SG Analytics’ competitive intelligence analytics. We provide a one-stop machine-learning-enabled solution that utilizes natural language processing to transform unstructured text into readable customer voice.

  • Carry out course corrective actions for controlling potential customer churn with facilitation into in-depth knowledge of key drivers of consumer satisfaction
  • Stimulate your brand advocacy by measuring customer sentiments that help improve given service components or product features
  • Empower tactical decision-making across business functions with intuitive visualizations and a self-service user interface
  • Feature & service benchmarking: Make decisions about service improvements and feature launches/upgrades for product marketing and engineering teams
  • Top trending topics: Formulate content strategies for marketing and communication
  • Targeted customer segmentation: Amplify sales intelligence by procuring competitive intelligence by industry vertical (IT, Manufacturing, CPG/Retail, Healthcare, etc.) and business group-wise (large enterprises, SMBs) customer segments

With SG Analytics, organizations can embrace workforce transformation through digital assistance in identifying, designing, establishing, testing, and managing their operations. With SGA's  RPA consulting services, organizations can discover a profound understanding of optimal RPA implementations.

  • Evaluate and identify the business use cases to build a rollout strategy for assembling an automation roadmap.
  • Design solutions based on tested quality code to integrate automation in business operations.
  • Support and upgrade automated processes for governance.
  • Manage RPA Infrastructure that is built with flexibility and as per client brief.


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