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Data Engineering Services & Solutions

Full-stack data engineering solutions to optimize analytics and data science capabilities for driving organizational success

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How can you benefit from big data engineering consulting services?

Data-driven transformation is emphasized by modern technology platforms in today’s data-driven world. SG Analytics’ data engineering services enable our US-based clients’ data strategy, ensuring that they access the right data, at the right time, and in the right format, helping them enhance their advanced analytics.

Data Engineering Services

What We Offer

SG Analytics helps its clients in the US convert existing processes into automated pipelines and create new pipelines as per business requests. With the use of different tools & technologies, the automated pipelines vary from a simple file transfer to complex data processing and modeling.

  • Code development by transforming the business process into logical steps
  • Facilitate integration in the pipeline by developing parameterized codes for each specific step
  • Use process management tools (Airflow/Terraform) for initiating the process in sequence while maintaining the requirement-based QC steps with big data engineering services

SG Analytics has strong expertise in creating server-less data processes using cloud-based products. Based on different business use cases and the deployment of web services, these pipelines can be customized.

  • Data engineering solutions to provide assistance for selecting cloud platforms and their services based on the requirement
  • For individual steps inside the cloud services, develop functions such as AWS-Lambda, Azure Functions, and GCP-Functions
  • Build logical event-based triggers for integration of every step
  • Develop Time/Mail/Event-based triggers to initiate the entire process based on client requirement

In order to enable customers to deploy the processes readily into the clients’ production environment, data processes are developed in ‘Dockers’. This process assists customers in duplicating and deploying the process on several systems with relative ease.

  • Identifying the right environment for running the application
  • Installing all required applications and packages to develop the docker environment
  • Constructing codes to run the necessary steps of the processes
  • Creating the image on the required system and deploying the container easily by the user, wherever required

Multiple sessions are conducted with the clients in order to understand various business requirements, facilitating the designing of production and development servers. SG Analytics also helps in the training and deployment of new processes.

  • Advanced data engineering solutions that enable the extraction of data from various sources into one system by developing pipelines
  • Integration of various data sources with a logical flow process by developing primary and foreign keys
  • Refined and analytics-ready data by creating single-source table/views

We help clients use multiple processes with simple input values by deploying web server and on-premises, server-based APIs. These can range from being a simple data extraction task from a data lake to multiple data transformations or image/voice analysis on the input provided.

  • Collect user inputs through parameterized codes and execute the required steps
  • Provide endpoints for user usage and run codes by developing the server
  • For every end-point, authorization & permission is developed to ensure data security

SG Analytics provides data science solutions that help clients discover and extract meaningful information from emails, online reviews, tweets, survey results, notes from feedback forums, and other types of written feedback. This helps our clients generate crucial customer insights about specific products or services.

  • Use custom-built data stewardship interfaces and pipeline-driven ML engines to construct mastered data sets
  • By partnering with AWS services such as Comprehend and Textract, we provide data engineering consulting to build pipelines for creating automated summaries on legal and business documents
  • Use NLTK-based workflows to automate document tagging for knowledge management documents


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