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Partnering with global technology companies across market research and scalable analytics

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Services we provide

We supplement our desk research capabilities with active primary research and analytics capabilities.

Go-to-market strategy

• Market entry strategy
• Target market identification
• Business plan
• Market need-gap analysis

Competitive intelligence

• Competitors’ market positioning
• Product and market intelligence
• Platform-intelligence

Consumer insights

• Customer perception analysis
• Customer satisfaction assessment
• Usage and attitude studies

Sales and marketing strategy

• Brand perception study
• Evaluation of pricing strategies
• Assessment of marketing channel effectiveness

Opportunity assessment

• Business opportunity analysis
• Market size estimation
• Market feasibility study
• Market assessment study

Benchmarking studies

• Product benchmarking
• Vendor assessment
• Company performance benchmarking
• Industry benchmarking

We are a trusted analytics partner for global clients across ML-based data engineering, predictive modeling, and BI visualization development.

Predictive analytics
Experience in applying the latest data science techniques

  • Customer segmentation using clustering techniques 
  • Campaign response and churn model using ML-based ensemble methods
  • Predictive maintenance using sensor data
  • Marketing ROI effectiveness (A/B testing, attribution model, market mix models) 
  • Time series-based forecasting

BI visualization
Adept at converting big data into insightful visualizations     

  • Design thinking and product development approach
  • Certified developers across BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, Domo, Microstrategy, D3, QlikView) 
  • AI-driven NLG models for auto insights generation
  • Self-service analytics visualizations for web applications

ML-driven data engineering

Deep expertise in applying ML to data engineering pipelines

  • Data stitching – SQL and NoSQL database
  • Data pipeline automation (PySpark, DataBricks, and Snowflake)
  • Managing unstructured data using an NLP-based algorithm
  • Search engine creation (BERT and knowledge graph-based taxonomies)

How we drive results for our clients

Actionable insights

Ability to combine modern analytics tools with strong research capabilities to deliver actionable business insights

Product mindset

Product mindset allows us to take full ownership and accountability as your extension partners

High precision

Our technology and product DNA ensure we are able to meet the rigor and precision expected by global technology customers

Delivering superior quality of work is integral to who we are, and it is entrenched in our deliverables


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Our technology research team combines industry expertise with extensive subject matter prowess to offer unparalleled insights into technology intelligence.

Our technology research offers the most comprehensive portfolio of research, analysis, and visualization to help you out-market, out-sell, and out-grow the competition.