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Tailored research support across asset classes to enhance the quality and efficacy of your investment decisions

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What We Offer

Providing equity research services to buy-side as well as sell-side firms. SG Analytics’ service-driven culture, strong domain and sector expertise, and adoption of technology enable us to be an ‘extended arm’ of our clients.

  • Construct driver-based financial models along with scenario and sensitivity analysis to arrive at absolute and relative valuation
  • Facilitate opinion formation and decision-making with a blend of qualitative and quantitative research
  • Provide informed insights through holistic and bespoke reports on companies, sectors, and economies
  • Keep clients up-to-date by producing periodical research products on major events such as corporate actions, industry updates, regulatory changes, and portfolio performance
  • Identify corporate governance issues and accounting irregularities using forensic research before investing in long-term ideas

As a trusted outsourced investment research partner, SG Analytics offers comprehensive research and analytics solutions to clients in the US across private & public debt, macroeconomics, compliance, and cross-asset strategies. Being a trusted outsourcing partner, we provide a blend of domain expertise with a ‘client first’ mindset as well as aim to improve the quality of investment decisions through our thorough fundamental research.

  • Support across the fixed income life cycle: identify investment opportunities, evaluate prospective investments, and monitor coverage universe
  • Deliver high-quality research on emerging and developed markets across the spectrum of fixed income instruments, including high yield, investment grade, and distressed debt
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative support across various areas such as leveraged finance, money market instruments, structured finance, US public finance, and convertibles
  • Perform stress testing and scenario analysis, covenant headroom monitoring, indenture screening, and cash flow modeling

A leading investment research company, SG Analytics helps in alpha creation for hedge funds, active asset managers, alternative asset managers, independent money managers, mutual fund managers, and ETF (exchange-traded funds) managers through action-oriented investment insights. We use technology to our benefit to generate efficiency by revamping traditional research approaches.

  • Design and implement through-the-cycle research solutions from investment idea screening to reporting and monitoring of fund performance
  • Expertise in catering to the research needs of global individuals as well as institutional money managers across asset classes and investment strategies (market neutral, long/short, distressed debt, macro-driven, etc.)
  • Prepare tailored, deep-dive financial models based on end-client formats and requirements by using customized and advanced analytical tools
  • Ensure precise output with enhanced efficiency by using technology and automation solutions that challenge the traditional research process
  • Provide support in performance visualization and compliance-related requirements
SGA's flexible and customizable solutions address the unique research needs of private banks and their end-clients (HNWIs). We provide solutions to relationship managers, analysts, as well as regulators (e.g., MiFID II, HKMA, etc.). We ensure efficient coverage of large universes with bespoke and automation-powered solutions while also helping clients differentiate from the run-of-the-mill research.
  • Provide comprehensive research services for large universes, including screening, initiation of coverage, regular monitoring, and maintenance for retail and institutional HNIs
  • Prepare periodical research, such as CIO newsletters, asset strategy reports, thematic reports, and macro updates
  • Enhance production efficiency with decreased 'time to market' research by leveraging technology and automation-driven solutions
  • Ensure 100% alignment with in-house investment philosophy of the banks and deliver fully white-labeled, ready-to-publish research output
  • Offer customized solutions to suit specific regulatory requirements of global private banks
  • Complete data confidentiality and security assurance with superior security and governance controls


Scale & Flexibility

Flexible engagement models and automation that enhance efficiency

Experience and Expertise

Covered over 4,000 companies and credits across 10+ GICS sectors

We Speak the Same Language

Our teams come from strong finance backgrounds and capital market exposure

Support Across the Life Cycle

Rules-based, analytical, and judgment-oriented tasks

Who We Work With


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Automation-powered, differentiated, and decision-oriented investment research support across sectors, asset classes, and regions for buy-side and sell-side.