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Equity Research Services

Experts in providing high-quality research support on global stocks to our clients in the US

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Leverage the Benefits of Equity Research Outsourcing Services

As one of the key offerings of SG Analytics, our equity research services address the buy-side as well as sell-side firms’ requirements across the US. As one of the leading equity research companies in the USA, we aim to create value for our clients across the whole research life-cycle through our service-driven culture, strong domain expertise, and capabilities to leverage automation and technology, enabling us to be our clients ‘extended arm’.

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What We Offer

As one of the best equity research firms, SG Analytics provides in-depth research on public and private companies, including detailed financial modeling with valuation, initiation, and event-based reports. We provide support on earnings previews, review notes and periodicals on covered companies, and on-going maintenance of coverage through model updates.

  • Expert equity research services to carry out comprehensive fundamental research on companies in addition to industry-specific valuation, developing driver-based financial forecasts, and scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Prepare coverage initiation reports, event notes, flash notes, etc.
  • Attend and summarize earnings calls, update models, and reports during the reporting season
  • Update and develop company memos and decks necessary for marketing trips
  • Provide equity research outsourcing for cross-reads and competitive insights by performing shadow coverage
  • Perform extensive investment research tasks such as competitive benchmarking, M&A analysis, cash flow analysis, and corporate actions/restructuring analysis
  • Periodically produce newsletters, trade ideas, and technical analysis notes for the trading desk
  • Visibility enhancement in the analyst and investor circle through issuer-paid research

SG Analytics’ sector and macroeconomic research identifies and details trends and themes at play across sectors and economies. Our research has been instrumental for clients in ascertaining winners and losers. We also provide support strategy reports, sector compendiums, and periodicals.

  • As one of the leading equity research firms, we prepare and update sector and economy outlook reports across multiple industries
  • Generate actionable investment ideas by analyzing sector trends and themes and curating comprehensive research pieces
  • Maintain and create sector compendiums for determining macro factors affecting the investment potential of the sector/company
  • Strategy identification, strategy validation, benchmarking analysis, and back-testing to help strategy teams
  • Monitor continuously by preparing event alerts and sector and economy newsletters with offshore equity research support

Our clients in the US have leveraged our technology-driven automation to achieve significant efficiency gains. Being an early adopter of technology, we have pioneered transforming regular manual tasks into an automation-powered activity and have been able to harness alternative data.

  • Create semi-automated financial models with features such as automatic period rollover
  • Use Python, Spyder, etc. to automate collation and filtration of relevant industry/economy news for efficient production of newsletters
  • Enhance assumption quality with technology-driven e-channel checks such as social media trends, price movements, product sentiment, etc.
  • Increase update efficiency with automated data tables and charts in marketing decks
  • Identify red flags in valuation models with automatic checks and balances
  • Automated price movement trackers, earnings release schedules, and macroeconomic calendars
  • Automated content generation of standard sections in research reports with our efficient equity research solutions

As a part of our end-to-end offerings, we provide desktop publication support that leverages our expert skills combined with innovative tools that help in realizing our clients’ vision for research outputs. We also provide our clients in the US, elegant and effective dashboards and visualizations that facilitate decision-making.

  • Providing equity research support on reviewing and supervision across research publications
  • Ensuring mandatory formatting by the client across all research products through 24x7 desktop publication support


4000+ Stocks

Over 4,000 stocks covered across sizes and geographies such as the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible engagement models for handling niche projects to large-scale engagements with defined SLAs and governance mechanisms

75+ GICS Sectors & Industries

Sector-focused delivery model comprising well-qualified and experienced analysts MBA, CFA, CA covering 75+ GICS sectors and sub-industries

All-Round Research Solutions

Proven capability to blend high-quality research and insights with technology and automation to provide competitive and efficient research solutions

Who We Work With


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