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Hedge Fund Research Services

Aiding alpha generation by providing actionable research to money managers

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An Expert Team of Hedge Fund Service Providers Assisting in the Quality Investment Decisions

As a leading provider of comprehensive research support, SG Analytics' hedge fund services deliver action-oriented investable insights to hedge funds, independent money managers, active asset managers, alternative asset managers, mutual fund managers, and ETF (exchange-traded funds) managers across the US.

Hedge Fund Solutions 

As preferred investment and hedge fund research partners for portfolio managers, we facilitate high-quality decision-making that aids alpha generation for our clients. Our proven capabilities enable us to enhance efficiency by revamping traditional research processes by leveraging automation and Read More

Hedge Fund Research Services & Solutions

What We Offer

Driven by alpha, we are adept at providing customized investment screeners across asset classes by blending a wide range of parameters that best reflect our clients’ investment ethos.

  • Generating high-quality investment opportunities by designing customized fixed income idea screeners as well as equity idea screeners
  • Implementing bottom-up and top-down methodologies to ensure resonance with the fund’s investment philosophy
  • Filtering relevant ideas by incorporating flavors that are sector-specific using strategy-specific parameters and adjusted financial data
  • Incorporating custom, thematic KPIs such as ESG parameters to adapt to client’s investment preferences
  • Designing an efficient screening process by combining technical and fundamental KPIs
  • Maximizing alpha by identifying churn opportunities to maintain and update idea screeners

We are experts in providing detailed financial models across sectors adhering to our clients’ styles. We provide various value-added features such as automated data population, sensitivity analysis, etc.

  • Investment summary reports preparation based on specific companies that include SWOT analysis, business description, investment thesis, and business strategy
  • Driver-based financial forecasting and preparation of detailed financial models
  • Varied techniques to conduct valuation exercises such as DCF valuation, relative valuation, and sector-specific valuation
  • Special analyses such as sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, what-if analysis, etc., to glean actionable insights
  • Identification of divergence areas by analyzing the quality of reporting (based on IFRS, UK GAAP, and US GAAP principles) and performing forensic analysis

We provide our clients in the US with more time for alpha-focused activities through our effective support on compliance functions and performance reporting.

  • Support across compliance reporting across under various applicable standards (e.g., GIPS)
  • Assist in creating sections of 13-F filings corresponding to details on quarterly performance, reconciliation statements, and investment positions
  • Assess performance quality by conducting an attribution analysis
  • Calculate alpha across multiple strategies and management styles on the basis of respective benchmarks
  • Clear and efficient reporting solutions by preparing performance dashboards with interactive visualization

Our fundamental research is complemented by our quantitative research team that provides solutions on trading strategy, back testing, regression analysis, index rebalancing, etc.

  • Rebalance analytics for pre-index, track, and monitor index events, and rebalance analytics for post-index
  • Boost the value of current and new trading strategies by creating alpha
  • Portfolio construction across multiple risk attributes and creating & backtesting trading strategies
  • Build and validate risk models that cover investment risk, credit risk, and operational risk
  • Proficiency across various data sources, including fund flows, fundamental and estimates data, pricing data, global macro, and ESG data and ownership

Our team of RPA and analytics experts provide services to hedge funds to help them exploit alternative data (e.g., store densities for retailers) and unique information (e.g., e-channel checking on social media) using technology-enabled solutions

  • Automating portfolio tracker that includes stock performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and YTD basis
  • Determining churn opportunities by setting automatic price movement and various alerts
  • Using automated tools developed in Python, Spyder, etc., to track events and news across industries
  • Creating standardized and auto-updateable templates for investment memos
  • Preparing fast and automated financial models by combining auto-refreshable queries from databases


Comprehensive Support

End-to-end understanding of requirements of money managers from idea screening and coverage monitoring to compliance and performance dashboards

Deep Research

Providing global money managers with deep-dive qualitative & quantitative research and domain expertise to facilitate AUM-accretive investment decisions

Comprehensive Expertise

Expertise in conducting research on various asset classes equity, fixed income, etc., across multiple strategies market neutral, distressed debt, special situations, etc.


Expertise in deploying technology for trend identification and analysis e.g. e-channel checks, price monitors, social media monitoring and to generate/validate investment ideas

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Delivering actionable hedge fund research services to fund managers to aid alpha generation.