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As a Business Strategy Consulting Firm

We understand that a 360- degree sixty overview of a market comes from a top-down, bottoms-up approach collated with a third party due diligence. To survive the competition, rush for excellence and motivation for future growth, companies need back up in the form of current, historic and projection of market data as well as insights from thought leaders and data from peers.

Craft Your Competitive Business Strategy

With SG Analytics. We support our clients using a decade long understanding of the global market, competition, business models to bring together revenue impact and strong visibility in the market.

As a distinguished business strategy consulting firm, we enable companies to adopt, implement and improvise on data analytics and data convergence before they seek to establish themselves or expand in the desired market.

Industries We Serve

Go-To-Market Strategy

Conducting a market assessment and interpreting data, trends, and analytics into a targeted entry strategy are crucial first steps for any company. Due to competitiveness across the globe, the gap between the developed market and developing market has reduced, and the convergence in the business model has brought a product from Eastern World closer to the West. Cloud-based technology, remote technology, 5G, Internet of Things, Pricing war in different sector and other parameters have changed the dynamics of today’s global business. Leverage our business strategy analysis and multi-step approach to build a potential market entry strategy.

Go-to-market strategy consulting | SG Analytics
  • Streamline and prioritize your focus areas and assess the available white space opportunity.
  • Provide access to readily available ethical market data as well as niche information through primary research
  • Analyze the existing, historic and possible competition in the segment/geography
  • Prioritize the best practices of the market entry model
  • Explore financials, regulatory framework, and timelines
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Expansion Strategy

The most successful market entrant in the global business market is those that combine innovation, disruption and futuristic vision and weave them with emerging and disruptive technologies and customer-centric touchpoints. SG Analytics support consumer-driven innovation strategy and helps its clients build a corporate business strategy focused on potential customers or buyer or decision-maker; gives you options to acquire if possible, tie-up when needed and partner when essential.

Market expansion services | SG Analytics
  • Develop the game plan based on the product or service that requires market entry or expansion.
  • Develop an export plan and business plan
  • Segment potential market and mark the competitors in each zone
  • Determine market complexities and mitigate risk where ever possible
  • Identify target customer base, supply chain issues and short term and near term gains.
  • Leverage from existing customers and network in the market and build execution roadmap.
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Digitization Strategy

The convergence in the industry has brought together collaboration between manufacturers and consumers in the digital space. Technology disruption has driven a new ecosystem among consumers and new engagement models have surfaced. The conventional strategy has been replaced by a digitization strategy where SG Analytics helps you convert systems of engagement into systems of insight, leveraging digitized data and processes. Anchor our business strategy support to

Digitization strategy services | SG Analytics
  • Evaluate existing Omnichannel marketing strategy in a focused market
  • Assess organizational readiness for digitization and identify gaps in customer centricity
  • Support you with content strategy and set timelines for each process
  • Help you simplify the process as workload and operations increases
  • Monitor, Measure and Migrate
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Sales and Marketing Strategy

Global Industry is pushing its boundaries each year. What do you sell? What your potential buyers prefer? and in some cases, what regulations prevent you from marketing in a certain manner directs the P&L graph of your annual report. SG Analytics helps you save dollars, time and effort and offer fresh, innovative and first to market strategies, by designing competitive business strategy using ours in house data analytics tools and sector experts/ functional experts. As an established business strategy consulting firm, we bring to the table several use cases, which has led to higher penetration of customer base and enhanced higher ROI of marketing campaigns.

Sales and marketing strategy plan | SG Analytics
  • Identifying the buyer, decision-maker, and appropriate market
  • Strategic positioning of the company, products/services, and salesforce
  • Align market objectives with sales and marketing plan
  • Consider use cases, best practices in the market, and improvise.
  • Revamp existing market campaigns and convert them into customer-centric models.
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