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Business Strategy Consulting Services

Formulate long-term growth strategies based on data-driven insights

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Leading Business Strategy Consulting Firm

Leverage SG Analytics’ strategy consulting services to collect, process, and analyze insights that help businesses garner long-term business strategies. We provide strategy consulting solutions to firms across the US, helping them address emerging business challenges due to market volatility. To help businesses achieve their growth goals, SGA is one of the most preferred business strategy consulting firms in the US.

Business Strategy Consulting Services That Align with Evolving Business

Utilize SGA’s advanced capabilities to gain data-driven insights about your existing business and the latest market trends, helping you formulate... Read More

Business strategy consulting services firm

What We Offer

As a market intelligence and consulting firm, we leverage our expertise to evaluate ideas, concepts, or opportunities to determine whether there is sufficient strategic, market, and financial merit from continued consideration and possible development into a product. We have helped organizations thrive by supporting them in identifying and assessing the attractiveness of a business opportunity. We conduct opportunity analysis to establish demand and competitive analysis to study the market conditions with a sharp vision for devising strategies accordingly.

  • Estimate market size and industry spend based on category data subdivided by business unit, geography, and demography (TAM, SAM and SOM intelligence)
  • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities based on profitability, feasibility, investment, implementation time, risks, ROI, breakeven point, and the time-to-profit
  • Assess opportunities using frameworks, including SWOT, PESTEL, and BCG Matrix
  • Identify market vulnerability and potential response to a new product or service launch
  • Market intelligence solutions to assess various pricing strategies to derive an optimum price for your products or services

A market intelligence consulting firm, SGA’s market intelligence solutions are driven by primary research and data analytics to analyze the changing trends in the market environment. It keeps businesses updated with competitors' successes and strategies, which help in business policy formulation and forecasting. We assess market opportunities through advanced data analytics and data visualization capabilities. Our market intelligence helps organizations in becoming customer-centric, understand market demands and consumer opinions, collecting real-time relevant data, boosting upselling opportunities, reducing risks, increasing market share, and gaining a competitive advantage.

  • Provide in-depth look at your competitors with robust reports on market positioning, customer base, strategic objectives, and management profiles
  • Understanding of competitor history, financial profile, relevant press releases, and significant forecasts
  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, and key differentiators of your competitors with our competitive intelligence services
  • Anticipate competitor activity, see past disruptions, and interpret events with a market intelligence report
  • Detailed competitive market intelligence on competitor R&D strategy, product pipeline, technology roadmap, and PLC management objectives

SGA’s benchmarking initiatives are part of a continuous improvement process. It is important to ensure that the progress being made is aligned with the stated strategic objectives and learn by going through the benchmarking process into refining and re-defining future strategic objectives. Through insights benchmarking, our clients gain a greater understanding of the best systems and practices that are crucial for improving the management of their own supply chains and prioritizing the opportunities to achieve business goals and supersede industry benchmarks.

  • Evaluate business performance against your direct and best-in-class peers
  • Understand relative cost position, improve performance, and gain a competitive advantage by assessing yourself against key players in the market
  • Our market intelligence research and analysis services help identify and prioritize opportunities based on the expected ROI
  • Balanced scorecards that consider external factors, including competition and the industry at large
  • Cross-category benchmarking to gain from best practices across multiple industries

SGA provides marketing and sales enablement services bringing you actionable insights into your markets, industries and customers. Our Sales Enablement support includes support for content writing for whitepapers, blogs, conducting webinars, newsletters, blogs, roundtables/ workshops and graphic design work.


Product thinking

Unique perspective on working with tech companies and bringing product thinking

Deep expertise

Experienced consultants with deep sector expertise and rich experience


Rich exposure to a broad range of use cases across sectors, globally


Research findings augmented with analytical capabilities to generate sharper insights

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Providing holistic services in developing and preparing varied business strategies across new product or service development/innovation, technology, and financial advisory services, and insights from customer experience enabling to focus on the need-gaps.