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Private Banking Services

Equipping private banks in the US with customized research solutions

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Leveraging private banking solutions to handle large coverage universes efficiently for private banks

SG Analytics has been handling analytics and research requirements for 10+ years for global private banks. SG Analytics has a deep understanding of the private banking process – from covering large universes to automation-powered management and distribution of research. With a solid track record of executing engagements of diverse complexity and scope for private banks, our private banking services are aimed at providing support across the research process: from screening and preparing strategy reports to events and newsletter updates. We have an experienced and dedicated team that facilitates a seamless transition from incumbent providers to our custom solutions. Through our private banking solutions, we provide a unique blend of flexible engagement models and technology-laced solutions to ensure efficient and scalable coverage of the investment universe.

Private Banking Research Services & Support

What We Offer

We are skilled at formulating optimum investment strategies and generating high-quality investment ideas for our clients in the US through our deep understanding of multiple asset classes and market dynamics.

  • Bond and stock screening using top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • Customization of weights to reflect client's investment preferences across KPIs such as valuation, region, size, and special parameters (e.g. ESG scores)
  • Private banking research helps determine churn and corresponding replacements in the universe by updating screeners
  • Support on preparing periodical updates and investment strategy notes
  • Producing various external research-related communication and CIO newsletters

Our clients in the US can maintain and track large coverage universes across the globe using our scalable, hybrid, and fully customized solutions.

  • Expanding the recommended universe and approved universe by initiation of coverage of new ideas
  • Preparing investment thesis as part of in-depth company reports and company factsheets/tearsheets
  • Facilitating easy consumption of research for relationship managers and end-clients by preparing summaries of sell-side research reports
  • Continuous coverage maintenance with flexibility of update frequency (quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) and churn rates
  • Providing automated financial models including valuation based on consensus view/independent research

Our highly skilled and focused team of RPA experts generate efficient semi- and fully automated outputs to increase the ‘value per dollar spent’ for clients in the US.

  • Providing a scalable coverage universe with automated factsheets with less 'time-to-market'
  • Automation of periodical updates and distribution that require least possible onshore involvement
  • Metadata creation by preparing RIXML files
  • Using interactive dashboards to present the tracked portfolio performance
  • Using insightful visualization to track CRO/RM performance


Robust IT Infrastructure

Highly sophisticated IT infrastructure to securely share information

Global Partnerships

Partner of choice for leading global private banks


Highly customized, scalable, and flexible solutions to cover large investment universes

Who We Work With


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Providing customized, white-labeled research solutions to advisory and discretionary teams of global private banks.