Case study

Client Onboarding and Platform Reconciliation

Client Onboarding


The client sought to engage a supplier to leverage expertise in modeling and was in search of an implementation partner who could transition the process while maintaining high-quality assurance along with strict adherence to timelines.
The process involved the conversion of various legacy client models belonging to a multitude of asset classes, such as equities, fixed income, derivatives, commodities, forex, and economics, into proprietary products, such as Workspace, EIKON, and DataStream. This included the conversion of competitor models, the creation of new models, and client onboarding of the client’s product environments. 


  • The senior SGA team organized an in-person requirement gathering. 
  • Deployed a qualified, experienced pool of data finance and database domain experts with CFA candidates and young professionals. 
  • Implemented continuous improvement in processes via automation. 
  • Built a customized performance measurement framework. 
  • Conducted balance scorecard-based performance tracking, resulting in high-quality deliverables. 
  • Implemented flexible work time to cater to live turnaround support and flexibility to absorb the additional workload. 



SGA adopted a flexible engagement model to enable high-quality, timely deliverables to the client. 


  • Designed a robust 3-tier online assessment mechanism for recruiting the right talent. 
  • Created a comprehensive Knowledge Management System (KMS) which addressed initial knowledge sharing and detailed and refresher training needs. 
  • We ensured work-hour alignment with client teams from Day 1 of the transition to offer effective support and build professional camaraderie. 
  • We developed an automated workflow management tool to ensure faster turnaround times, seamless work allocation, and workflow prioritization. 
  • Achieved 100% monthly turnaround time (TAT) target for all major projects 
  • Surpassed quality SLA of 95% consistently through the engagement tenure.



  • Partnered with the client supporting their modeling and platform reconciliation requirements 
  • Provided comprehensive analytics expertise with sector-specific knowledge. 
  • Supported the client’s requirements through a flexible capacity model with an option to ramp up/down with minimal notice. 
  • Engaged with multiple teams across different global locations and collaborated with them to achieve a smooth and comprehensive transition. 

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