Case study

Created a One-Stop Dashboarding Solution for a Leading Custodian Bank

SG Analytics Data Solutions Case Study Created a One-Stop Dashboarding Solution for a Leading Custodian Bank


A leading US-based custodian bank and asset servicing company was looking to build a continuous, managed reporting system for data governance. The goal was to provide a  solution for users to view data from various data governance tools and enable them to monitor and track data quality/remediation status and deliver interactive and actionable dashboards refreshed on a daily basis.


We took the following approach to create the dashboarding solution:

  • Understand the business requirements: We worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements for the dashboarding solution. This included identifying the data sources to be integrated, the types of dashboards that would be required, and the key performance indicators (KPIs) to be tracked.
  • Perform proof of concepts: We developed and tested proof of concepts for the different types of dashboards that were required. This allowed the client to see how the dashboards would work and to provide feedback before the entire solution was developed.
  • Recommend approach to fulfill the business requirement: Based on the proof of concepts, we recommended a technical approach to fulfill the client's business requirements. This included identifying the best way to integrate the data sources, the best dashboarding platform to use, and the best way to deploy the solution.
  • Develop and test the new dashboards: We developed and tested the new dashboards based on the recommended approach. This included developing the data integration logic, creating the dashboards, and testing the dashboards to ensure that they met the client's requirements.
  • Co-ordinate user acceptance testing: We worked with the client to coordinate user acceptance testing of the new dashboards. This involved training the users and helping them to test the dashboards to ensure that they met their needs.
  • Deploy new dashboards to production: Once the user acceptance testing phase was completed, we deployed the new dashboards to production. This involved making the dashboards available to the users and providing the necessary support and training.
  • Maintain the dashboards: We provide ongoing maintenance and support for the dashboards. This includes refreshing the dashboards on a daily basis, performing QC checks, handling user queries and ad-hoc data requests, and making enhancements to the dashboards as needed.


SGA's engagement with the client began with a discovery phase to understand the client's business requirements and to develop a proof of concept for the comprehensive dashboarding solution. Once the proof of concept was approved, SGA began the development and testing phase. The dashboards were deployed to production in a phased approach, and SGA has been providing ongoing maintenance and support since then.


The comprehensive dashboarding solution has provided the client with the following benefits:

  • A 360-degree view of data governance: The dashboards provide a single place for users to view data from all data governance tools. This gives users a complete view of data quality and remediation status across the organization.
  • Faster turnaround to cater to changing business needs: The dashboards are refreshed daily, which enables the client to identify and address data quality issues quickly.
  • 40% cost savings due to process automation: The dashboards have automated many manual data governance processes, which has resulted in significant cost savings.


The key takeaway from this case study is that a comprehensive dashboarding solution can provide several benefits to organizations, including improved data governance, faster turnaround to cater to changing business needs, and cost savings.

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