Case study

Enabled 100+ Healthcare Clients to Strategically Manage Their Campaigns and Documentation

SG Analytics Data Solutions Case Study Enabled 100+ Healthcare Clients to Strategically Manage Their Campaigns and Documentation


A prominent software solution provider in the healthcare communications industry was seeking a technology partner to help them manage their client communications. This included developing dynamic applications that provide managed documentation for end-to-end communication, monitoring and request-based changes for customer maintenance, and eliciting requirements for over 100 clients to have a single source of document repertory.


We implemented a solution that enables the client to strategically manage their campaigns and documentation. The solution included the following components:

  • Requirement elicitation: We worked with the client to understand their specific requirements and developed a solution that met their needs.
  • Analysis and solution development: We assessed the current communication and document processes, suggested improvements for better presentation and channel management, and proposed customized application development for multiple campaigns.
  • Client interface: We developed a data communication model for the end client, optimizing data usage with data-driven next-best actions. We engaged in R&D for dynamic campaign output to inform application development.
  • Implementation and quality analysis: We developed custom applications to meet client needs, designed and printed dynamic documents, and rigorously tested applications in various environments for a seamless performance.
  • Output management and delivery: We proofread and rectified final communication documents, provided post-production support and maintenance for applications, and ensured 24/7 monitoring for print vendor output management.


We began by engaging with the client to understand their specific requirements. After that, we assessed their current working system and developed a data communication model for the end client. We maintained close collaboration with the client throughout the implementation process to ensure that the solution met their expectations.


  • Delivered 50+ campaign applications and 100% data-driven solutions for customer data optimization.
  • Provided dynamic applications and documentation to enable on-demand communication to end users across 100+ paid clients.
  • Improved the quality and consistency of their communication and documentation.


  • The solution enhanced document presentation, proposed customized application development, and introduced a data communication model.
  • SGA contributed to the development of dynamic applications, designed dynamic documents, and conducted testing for seamless functionality.
  • The client's client communication management processes became more efficient and effective.

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