Emergence of Novel Immune - Mediated Therapies

Market Research

Immunotherapy has emerged as a promising treatment for cancer, with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) dominating the market. The market is projected to grow due to the rise in the prevalence of diseases, the increase in the adoption of combination therapies, the surge in the funding for new therapies, and the approval of innovative therapies.  Numerous opportunities within the realm of immune therapies exist, considering the increasing prevalence of several diseases. Moreover, there is a notable upswing in funding for developing innovative therapies and a rising trend in novel immunotherapies approval.

Key Takeaways

  • Immune therapies offer a great source of hope for patients but are typically expensive, substantially contributing to the rising healthcare costs.
  • Upcoming immune therapies will be the majority for oncology indications, followed by infectious and autoimmune indications.
  • Multiple clinical trials are actively underway, examining the potential synergistic benefits of combining immunotherapy with other treatment modalities.

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