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Accelerating Success: SG Analytics Drives Growth by Exploring Strategic Solutions for Equity-raising Assignment and to Spearhead Market Reach

Strategic Solutions for Equity-raising Assignment


Our client was mandated to explore strategic ‎options to raise money through private ‎placements. It had an ambitious ‎target to raise over $20 million through a round of ‎funding to scale operations and expand market ‎reach with additional capital.‎


  • Comprehensive Business Analysis: We thoroughly analyzed the client's business model, financials, and market positioning. This helped identify the areas for improvement and articulate a compelling narrative for potential investors.
  • Financial Modeling: We worked closely with the client to develop detailed financial models that projected the company's growth potential. This included revenue forecasts, cost structures, and return on investment scenarios.
  • Investor Targeting: Leveraging our financial database, we identified potential investors with a strategic interest in the fitness technology sector. This involved creating a targeted list of venture capital firms, private equity investors, and angel investors.
  • Pitch Deck Creation: We collaborated with the client to create a pitch deck, ensuring it effectively communicated the company's value proposition, market opportunity, and growth strategy. This involved crafting a compelling story backed by data and visuals.
  • Due Diligence Preparation: Anticipating investor inquiries, we assisted the client in preparing a comprehensive due diligence package. This included addressing potential concerns and providing transparent documentation of the company's financials, intellectual property, and customer testimonials.  


SGA engaged with the client on an FTE ‎basis to support its successful equity-‎raising assignment. Following the ‎achievement of our shared goals, the ‎client opted to extend our collaboration, ‎signing up for additional FTE support on ‎an ongoing basis.‎


  • Successful Fundraising Campaign - The firm secured $20 million in funding
  • Focused pitch for enhanced valuation
  • High-quality output delivered
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Support from sector specialists


  • 30% more client-facing time
  • End-to-end deal support with access to SGA's BIS and graphics services
  • Thorough evaluation of business model and sector performance
  • Developed strong pitch along with detailed financial models for attractive valuations
  • Identified the right set of potential investors leveraging advanced databases and technologies

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