Case study

Auto-Extraction of Data From Various Websites With 2-Factor Authentication for a BFSI Firm

2-factor authentication for a BFSI firm


One of the leading US-based investment technology solutions providers, converting unstructured reporting data into actionable intelligence. The client wanted to establish a system for data extraction from several portals with a robust technology stack.

Business Situation

  • The client wanted to automate data extraction from multiple portals in near real time for its intelligent investment data platform.
  • The users and the analysts manually logged into the portals and downloaded the files in respective folders. The AI engine then extracted information from these documents for the portal. The load on the team constantly increased with the increase in client base and also due to addition of new portals.


  • SGA created a data extraction solution to auto extract the documents from the portals.
  • Through this process, SGA also helped the client to evaluate the commercial and the open-source approach.

Business Impact/Cost Benefit

  • RPA implementation reduced/freed up the data download process significantly. Currently, the team is in transition and is onboarding the new RPA module.

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